March 04, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne's Wife Sharon Thought She Was Going to Lose Her Husband after Serious Fall Last Year

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Ozzy Osbourne was left in a dire state last year when he fell on the stairs. Immediately after, wife Sharon thought that the worst would come for the rock band singer. 

On Monday, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne sat down with "Good Morning Britain" for an interview about his health. Osbourne, 71, recently revealed that he has Parkinson's disease. 

Wife Sharon, 67, also joined the singer who talked about his health, new album, and delayed tour, among other topics. The interview clip is found below.

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon at the premiere of 'Little Nicky' at the Chinese Theater on February 11, 2000, in Los Angeles, Ca. | Source: Getty Images.


Ozzy postpones North American tour

During the interview, Ozzy revealed his biggest regret in life — cheating on his wife. He also doubled down on how determined he was to give fans at least one more show. 

Two weeks ago, Ozzy announced that he would have to put a raincheck on the North American leg of his "No More Tours 2" tour. It was supposed to happen from May to July this year. 


Instead, the singer has to travel to Europe to receive treatment for his Parkinson's disease. This recent delay follows another setback last year, which Ozzy said he was not well enough to do.

Sharon thought it was the end

In his latest interview, Ozzy further detailed what crossed his mind after the grave fall he took last year. According to the Daily Mail, the tumble aggravated an injury from a 2003 biking accident he had. 

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne attend the Showtime, WME IME and Mayweather Promotions VIP Pre-Fight party for Mayweather vs. McGregor. | Source: Getty Images


The singer said, "When I fell on the floor, I remember thinking, 'You've done it now.' " Wife Sharon described what happened as well, saying it seemed to be in slow motion. 

At the time, she thought, "He's gonna go. I know he's gonna go, I'm gonna lose him." Luckily, the pair was wrong, and Ozzy made it through without significant lasting injury. 


Ozzy releases new solo album

Although his tour is currently in a setback, Ozzy released his first solo album in nearly a decade last month. Titled "Ordinary Man," the collection features several old and new artists.

Elton John, Slash from Guns N' Roses, and rapper Post Malone all made their way on to the rock star's new album. Fans should get excited again because Ozzy revealed that he wants to create another album soon. 


He reveals plans for another one

Speaking to iHeart Radio, Ozzy said that he's preparing to do an album in March. He noted that he might as well since he's unable to perform onstage due to his health. 

We're glad that the singer is eager to stay busy despite the horrific incident he and his wife went through last year. Ozzy and Sharon have certainly been through a lot.