Daily Joke: Parents of Two Mischievous Kids Ask a Priest to Talk to Them

Mar 16, 2020
06:30 P.M.
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Two troublesome brothers are taken by their parents to a special priest for a cure to their mischievousness. The notorious duo ended up taking the blame for probably the biggest crime of all.


The peace of a particular suburban neighborhood had been continuously disturbed by two mischievous brothers, ages 8 and 10. Despite the relentless effort from their parents to control the boys, the duo continued their troublemaking. 

Photo of two young boys running across a field | Photo: Getty Images


Their parents came to hear of a priest who specialized in dealing with delinquent boys, and they asked the priest if he would talk to their sons.

The priest agreed to speak with the mischievous boys and decided to talk to the 8-year-old one first. So their mother took him to the priest.

Photo of young boys hiding behind trash cans with water guns | Photo: Getty Images


The priest sat across the boy on his large desk and stared at him for a little longer than five minutes. Eventually, the priest pointed a finger at the puzzled boy and asked him, "Where is God?"

The boy began to look around from under the table to the corners of the room, but he didn't find anything. 

A Christian priest standing by the altar. | Photo: Shutterstock


The priest again pointed to the boy and asked the same question to which the boy replied with another quick search around the room.

Once again, the priest asked the boy the same question, this time in a firmer and louder voice as he pointed his finger directly at the boy's nose. The kid freaked out and ran all the way home to find his elder brother.

Photo of a priest looking away while holding a bible | Photo: Getty Images


When he found his brother, he dragged him to the spot where they usually plan their mischievous acts and informed him that they were both in serious trouble. When the 10-year-old asked his brother what the problem was, he got the reply,

"God is missing, and they think we took him."

Photo of a boy standing on his friend's back | Photo: Getty Images

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