'Blue Bloods' Fans Adore Jamko's Crime-fighting Dog & Rave about the New Addition on Twitter

Aby Rivas
Mar 19, 2020
03:30 P.M.
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A new member has joined the Reagan police family in CBS’s drama “Blue Bloods,” and judged by some reactions on social media, fans are loving it.


Season 10 of “Blue Bloods” is two episodes away from its finale. Amid the horrid crimes that the Reagan family has faced during sixteen episodes, it seems like the producers decided to add some furry fun to the mix for the fans’ delight.

,Tom Selleck,Bridget Moynahan,Donnie Wahlberg,Sami Gayle,Will Estes and Len Cariou attend the Blue Bloods 150th Episode Celebration at 92nd Street Y on March 27, 2017 in New York City. | Photo: GettyImages


On episode 16, aired on Friday 13th, a new member joined the precinct and Jamie and Eddie’s little family.


As Eddie Janko—played by Vanessa Ray—and her partner, Officer Rachel Witten, are making their rounds in the neighborhood, a black dog approaches them, barks at them, and then runs away.

Some loved the producers breaking the fourth wall with the name, and some didn’t.


Witten suggests that the dog wants them to follow him, so they run after him. After reaching a back alley, Eddie and Witten find a couple in the middle of a fight, and they arrest the man after realizing he had hit his girlfriend.

Back in the commissary, everyone is gathered around to praise the dog for being a hero. But when Jamie—played by Will Estes—arrives, he immediately suggests looking for the dog’s owner and takes him away.



After another round outside, Eddie returns to the office just to find out that the dog made a mess in Jamie’s office, and he’s not impressed.

Jamie then tells Eddie that he discovered that the dog, apparently named Motts, was part of a gang of criminals that let him go because he was such a “goody-goody” that he was always giving up the gang’s positions instead of acting like a guardian dog.

With this information, Eddie suggests they take the dog home with them because he’s clearly “a good boy.”



Although Jamie is reticent to take the dog in, Eddie becomes quickly attached and tries to convince her husband about adopting the four-legged beauty.

Jamie and Eddie take the dog for a walk while discussing their options when the dog escapes and starts running away from them. The couple follows the dog and finds a man with a woman’s purse, clearly a theft. It seems the dog can smell crime even from a mile away.


The pair eventually decide to keep the dog, but not at their home. Instead, the canine will stay at the precinct, where the rest of the officers built a little house for him and decided his name: Jamko.

The name was a wink to fans of the popular couple. Some loved the producers breaking the fourth wall with the name, and some didn’t, but most fans seem to be on the same page when it comes to the furry new character.



Not only did the dog add a new adorable storyline for Jamie and Eddie, but it also helped to lighten the mood after the heavy storylines from the rest of the Reagan characters.

“It rocks that a K-9 dog is being added into the mix! Super fun for both Jamie & Eddie!!” one fan tweeted, but added:

“#Jamko is my fave couple, and while I appreciate the nod to them w/the dog’s name, it’s kinda bizarre. Like Jamie said, I went ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me...’ Ah well.”

Here are some other reactions from fans:


CBS hasn’t confirmed a new season for “Blue Bloods,” and last year Tom Selleck said he had signed a one-year deal for the 2019-2020 broadcast season. So, fans are hoping to get news about season 11 soon.