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Minnesota Woman Gives Birth to Rare Identical Quadruplet Girls

Olawale Ogunjimi
Mar 20, 2020
03:30 P.M.
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On March 11, a couple from Albertville, Taylor Becher and Lance Thompson, welcomed a set of identical quadruplets into this world. It was one big miracle!


Having identical quadruplets is almost impossible, yet this couple form Albertville managed to give birth to four identical girls. According to doctors, this occurrence is so rare that the odds are about one to 15 million. 


The adorable babies, Sawyer, Kennedy, Lakely, and Aurora, were delivered by c-section after spendiing 31 weeks and six days in their mother's tummy. The couple also have a 19-month-old son named Linden.

The new parents, Becher, 28, and Thompson, 37, got the biggest surprise of their lives when their doctor told them that they were expecting quadruplets during their eight-week ultrasound appointment.


During an interview with Today, the mother of the quadruplets told the news outlet, "It started off as twins. Then all of a sudden, my OB was like, ‘No. There’s three.’” She continued,

"Thompson was about to jokingly ask, “Are you sure there’s not another one in there?” when the doctor found a fourth heartbeat."


also recalled that after hearing the news, tears started rolling down her cheeks because she got scared. According to Bercher, the idea of having so many babies inside her did scare her, and she was worried about all the risks she might face. 

Becher showered a lot of love and gave all credit to her boyfriend, who kept her calm throughout the pregnancy. According to her,

"There were times where I would Google and stress myself out, but Lance would talk me down,” she explained. “He would say, ‘Everything is going to work out.’”


The mother of four, however, hopes that her daughters will be discharged from the hospital next month so they can finally meet their elder brother, who hasn't been able to visit because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The happy mother also revealed that her son used to kiss her belly when she was still pregnant with his sister. Becher explained that she was never placed on bed rest, and the girls were delivered without any serious complications. All four girls are now breathing on their own.

At birth, the smallest of the quadruplets was Lakely, who weighed 2 pounds 10 ounces, while Sawyer, the largest, was born at 3 pounds, 3 ounces.

Although Lakely was the smallest, she was the only one that breathed fine after birth. Becher's partner, Thompson, also posted pictures of the girls on his Facebook page, and people were in love with the adorable girls.