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Daily Joke: A Woman Leaves Her Purse on a Bus

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 20, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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A woman's retrieval of her purse after losing it on a bus turned into an exciting and fascinating lesson for a hilarious reason. 


A woman, who was used to taking the bus knew to keep her belongings handy always to avoid getting robbed. On a particular day, the lady stepped off the bus and had turned the corner to her house when she realized that she left her purse inside.

Photo of a woman holding onto her purse | Photo: Unsplash


The woman raced back to the bus stop, but the bus was long gone. She called the company that owned the vehicle and was relieved when the person on the other end informed her the driver found the purse.

The lady agreed to come the next day to retrieve the purse. When she arrived at the bus park as agreed, the woman was directed to a man who handed her a typewritten note and a box containing her personal effects.

Photo of a young woman on the bus at the bus station. | Photo: Getty Images


As the woman started putting the items back into her purse, she noticed that the men were gathering around her, and paying attention to her bag. The lady stared at the men questioningly, and one of them chose to clear the air.

The man told the woman that they all tried to put the items into the purse but couldn't. The lady continued staring at the man, and he added,

"We just have to see how you do it."

Photo of a young woman stepping into the bus | Photo: Getty Images


At the same time, the woman was at the bus station, a young housewife was putting together the things she needed to host a dinner party.

It was her first, and since she had no experience, the young lady decided to ask Mrs. Brown, an older neighbor. The wife went to Mrs. Brown's apartment and asked her how much she would spend on a bottle of wine


Photo to women having coffee during a discussion in the kitchen | Photo: Getty Images

The older woman stared at the young lady for an extended moment before responding, "About half an hour, dearie." The wife was rendered speechless.

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