Daily Joke: A Woman Realizes She Left Her Bag on a Bus

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jan 27, 2020
06:30 A.M.
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It's happened to all of us. We get off the bus and realize, too late, that we've left our most valuable possessions on board. For women, if it's our purse, it's pretty much all we own. 


A woman took the bus one day and was a bit absent-minded. So when she got down from the bus and realized she had left her purse on board, it was too late. 

The bus had already driven off. In a panic, the woman later called the public transport organization to find out if they'd gotten her purse or if it had been stolen. 

People stand in a bus | Photo: Shutterstock


The purse is safe

The woman was relieved to hear that the company found her purse, and she could go in to pick it up anytime. Upon arrival, a worker gave the women two sheets of paper.

The sheets listed the contents in her bag. He also gave her a large box filled with the items that were previously in her purse. The woman was relieved but a bit taken aback as well.

People sit in a bus | Photo: Shutterstock


The man explained, "We're required to inventory lost wallets and purses. Don't worry. You'll find everything from your bag in that box." He looked on as the woman went through her stuff. 

How do you do it?

"I hope you don't mind if we watch," said the man. The woman shook her head as she began loading the items into her bag. The man went on, "We all tried, but none of us could get everything into that purse!" 

He added:

"We just have to see how you do it!" 

Woman holds onto purse | Photo: Unsplash


Schoolteacher vs. Judge

In another instance, a woman was arrested for violating traffic laws. She arrived at the courtroom on the date assigned to her and stepped in front of the judge. 

When asked what her occupation was, the woman said that she's a schoolteacher. The judge then rose from behind his bench and spoke to her. 

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It's your turn

"Ma'am, I've been waiting for years for a schoolteacher to enter my court." The woman, a bit perplexed, responded, "And why might that be, Your Honor?" 

The judge grinned in delight and answered, "I'm going to need you to be seated and pick up the pen at that table. I want you to write, 'I will not run a red-light,' 500 times." 

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Shoplifter gets caught

Another time, a shoplifter got caught red-handed as he tried to steal an expensive watch in a store. The security guard brought him to the manager and told him what happened.

The shoplifter offered to buy the watch to save himself from going to jail. The manager agreed, but only on the condition that the man never returns to his store.

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Thief wants options

The thief complied, and the manager rang up his purchase. When the crook looked at the price, his face instantly became pale. He watched the manager and said: 

"This is a little more than I intended to spend. Can you show me something less expensive?"

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