March 26, 2020

74-Year-Old Man Dies after Doctors Were Slow to Do COVID-19 Test Due to Insufficient Symptoms

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Dennis Wilson, 74, dies from coronavirus after doctors fail to perform a test to determine whether he had the disease or not.

The deceased who was from Kansas first went to a hospital on March 12, where doctors turned down his requests for a test as he was not sufficiently symptomatic.

The man, who was a former teacher, died after a week of unquantifiable pain when doctors failed to detect that he had contracted the disease. 

Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay/Alexey_Hulsov


His wife, Joanna,

took to Facebook to share the tragic news

and expressed her grief and anguish at the events, which led to her husband's

sad passing. She wrote:

"I am absolutely heartbroken! It has been an indescribably horrible week of immeasurable suffering on the part of the love of my life."

Joanna described the traumatic experience she and her children endured surrounding the death of her husband. In detail, she explained how Dennis had developed symptoms and had grown increasingly weak over the days until they decided it was time to visit the doctor.



On getting to the doctor's, Joanna revealed that her husband had been advised to go home, rest and drink plenty of fluids without testing. The advice worked only very briefly, and soon, Dennis's symptoms began to spring up again.

He returned to the hospital, this time, with more severe symptoms. The seventy-four-year-old was finally admitted and was approved for testing.


Four days after their first attempt to get tested at the hospital, Joanna posted that he had been tested and he was found positive. She implored followers to pray for her and her family

Locals who knew Dennis, have paid tribute to him. The deceased worked as a biology teacher and a superintendent at a school for over two decades before he passed away.

The United States has been hit all around by the coronavirus pandemic, and the numbers of confirmed cases continue to skyrocket. 


Amid the frenzy, President Donald Trump announced that a drug commonly used to treat malaria, Chloroquine had been approved to treat the disease to an extent.

Some people, however, misinterpreted the president's statements and began to abuse the medicine. An example of this case is an Arizona man and his wife, who consumed Chloroquine in an attempt to prevent or treat coronavirus


The man passed away due to a severe reaction, and his wife remained under critical care. This unforgiving virus continues to spread, although the government is taking several measures to slow it down. All that people can hope for is a way out and through these challenging times.

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