April 11, 2020

Tyrese Gibson's Fans React as Wife Samantha Calls Him out for Ruining Her Sleep with Bath Singing

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Tyrese Gibson's wife has had enough of her hubby disturbing her beauty sleep with his "shower operas!" and Samantha reported him to fans in a new update.

The lockdown has actor Tyrese Gibson's wife lightly complaining about how her hubby has been interrupting her sleep with singing sessions.

The New Jersey native showed fans evidence in an Instagram post where she filmed one of her singer spouse's musical moments.

Tyrese Gibson & Samantha Lee Gibson at Black Girls Rock! on Aug. 5, 2017 in New Jersey. | Photo: Getty Images



Samantha Lee Gibson's funny video, which was filmed in the couple's bedroom, showed her giving fans a view of their well-decorated resting place while she talked from behind the camera. However, her caption gave fans a hint that she wasn't enjoying her luxury bedroom after all:

"Dear Inconsiderate husband, I guess my sleep doesn't matter...when you want to sleep, every piece of sound is a problem. LOL."

As the video went on, there were faint sounds of someone singing while the shower was running. Lee Gibson stood at a point and moved towards the bathroom, and as her words suggested, Tyrese's voice could be heard as he smoothly carried a tune.




After fans got wind of Samantha's mock complaint, they uncontrollably gushed over the cute couple and joined in the fun by appreciating Tyrese's great voice. A fan jokingly wrote: "If you gon wake me up, at least know the words to my fav song."

Through it all, Samantha stood by her spouse, and he was grateful for her support.

A second follower gushed: "I want to be woken up this way, every day, any day, such a soothing...voice." While some fans suggested that Lee was a lucky woman, others showed love for the singer.



In 2017, the "Fast & Furious" actor and his ladylove walked down the aisle in a surprise Valentine's Day celebration, in Georgia. Come April 2018, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

In October of the same year, Samantha became a first time mom to a baby girl while the "Sweet Lady" crooner became a girl dad for the second time. From his first marriage, Gibson has a daughter, Shayla, whom his wife was excited to bond with.



In the past years, Gibson found himself entangled in different dramatic moments. There was a time he went head-to-head with a fellow star, Dwayne Johnson, and also got backlashes for shaming black women's hair choice.

Another of Tyrese's controversial moments was with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, who dragged the "Transformers" actor into a legal battle over child custody. He, however, ended up winning a 50/50 custody over their two-year-old daughter.

Through it all, Samantha stood by her spouse, and he was grateful for her support. To show his appreciation, the Hollywood icon bought his lover a luxury car, which he showed off in an Instagram update.