Mother of ICU Nurse Covers Daughter in Sheet to Hug Her

Cheryl Norton, mom of a nurse treating the novel coronavirus patients, devised a smart way to embrace her daughter when she stopped by at the hospital.

At a time of uncertainty and isolation, hugs and other physical ways of showing affection are very rare, so when Kelsey's mum suddenly brought her close for a hug, she had to savor the moment.

Cheryl was in Christ hospital to see Kelsey when she noticed a clean sheet lying in her laundry basket, and she immediately came up with a marvelous idea: to cover Kelsey with the sheet so she could give her a much-needed hug.

Corona virus close up | Photo: Getty Images

Corona virus close up | Photo: Getty Images

The hug that took place when her mum got to her was tight and heartwarming even though there was a sheet between them. The duo's family friend, Liz Dufour, who had been walking by, caught the beautiful moment on camera.

The 64-year-old expressed how good she felt during the embrace and noticed how much her daughter clung on. She mentioned these in a statement she made to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"It felt so good to hold her for a second. The thing that was interesting... is you could see how tight she was holding me,"

Cheryl said she hugged her daughter because she did not want her to feel abandoned. Health workers like Kelsey are risking their lives at work, and when they are home, they still have to maintain a distance from their families.

Nurses try to keep the morale high by doing different things like praying together or singing, which is what Lori Key did one morning at st. Mary Mercy Hospital.

A female doctors wearing a protective suit pulls he mask down her face and stares worryingly out the window, Serbia | Source: Getty Images

A female doctors wearing a protective suit pulls he mask down her face and stares worryingly out the window, Serbia | Source: Getty Images

Lori belted out "Amazing Grace" after her colleagues requested for her to sing it, and her performance was recorded. The video was uploaded on Facebook, and it succeeded in touching many hearts. Key captioned it:

"Stay home if you don't need to leave the house. Pray for the sick and health care workers at risk for this disease…"

Lori is not the only nurse giving out advice on how to stay safe. Molly Lixey, an emergency nurse from Michigan, is educating people on the correct use of gloves. 

Lixey posted a video on Facebook explaining how a person wearing gloves could still be exposed to viruses through cross-contamination. 

She demonstrated the whole process by pretending to be a grocery shopper and represented the germs with some green paint. Molly also mentioned that gloves should be trashed immediately after a shopping trip.

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