Georg Stanford Brown's Daughter Kathryne Shares Daughters' Quarantine Moments in Photos

Georg Stanford's daughter Kathryn Dora Brown documents her life in quarantine with her kids in weekly Instagram posts as they push through the ongoing pandemic.

Panic and anxiety have been on the rise in most households as the world fights a fierce battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has not been easy for most mothers like Dora, who have had to homeschool their kids while taking care of many other things.

Dick Van Dyke and George Stanford Brown attend the Hallmark Channel presentation. | Source: Getty Images

Dick Van Dyke and George Stanford Brown attend the Hallmark Channel presentation. | Source: Getty Images

Brown has chosen to share how she spends her time on social, and even though things do not always go well, like when her daughters keep fighting, Kathryn is doing all she can.

They have been having lots of mother-daughter time, and Dora really misses them whenever they are away with their dad. One of her posts was a picture of Kathryn in an embrace with one of her girls and was captioned:

"The girls went to sleep last night after crying a lot. They are scared…They sleep soundly and then wake up and start fighting."

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Dora has also been trying to stay in touch with the rest of her family through calls as they celebrate births and birthdays which she mentioned in one of the posts that had a photo of the family celebrating via zoom.

One of the pictures showed her daughter Posy, with an interesting pattern painted on her face. She had a fierce expression to compliment the look. 

The actress started her career while she was in college.

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Week 5 Day 31 -Girls wake up early, excited about Easter. After 2 egg hunts + too much sugar, I make them a high protein breakfast. Their dad picks them up. I guess (for the first time in my life) I’ll eat chocolate alone 😉 Day 32 -Zoom with Posy’s teacher. Zoom with AMkids. Talk to Gloria. Talk to mom. Exercise. Curbside pick up dog food. Curbside pick up my kids. Zoom with PMkids. Cook dinner + watch girls play a “spy game” outside. FaceTime with Xan + fam! I wish I could smell her new baby. Dinner. FaceTime Hana. Read Harry Potter. At bedtime Poppy asks me if I think the world will be scary once it opens again. I tell her I think people are realizing how much we need each other. Human contact. Face to face conversations. Touch. I think the world will be LESS scary because people will be so relieved to have connection back in their lives. I hope I’m right. Day 33 -Get girls fueled up + ready to Zoom! Homeschool. Lunch. Exercise. This day… this gorgeous day! Day 34 -Wake up to great news from my mom!Homeschool. Driveby visit from SDW + co. Bring girls to their dads. Talk to Brooke. Talk to Dad. Watch #betterthingsfx. I’ve been obsessed with @pamelaadlon from when I used to sell her shoes from the BelAir shop I once work in. Day 35 -Gloria’s Birthday Parade! Cousin Zoom. FaceTime with b. Fold laundry. Bake blackberry cinnamon scones. Eat warm scones. Watch @traashboyyy posts with Posy, while Poppy has FaceTime play date. Talk to mom. Dinner with my ladies. Day 36 -Sleep in with Posy wrapped around me. Squeeze orange juice + bake scones. Wonderful morning! Birds are singing…the sun is shining… the… oh fuck! Poppy freaks out cuz she can’t figure out her math! I freak out cuz I realize Posy is late to her Zoom class! I set her up and then she spills her juice everywhere! Breathe. Text Katie. Exercise. Girls make tether ball with a sleeping bag + clothing rack. Garden. Grampy comes for a visit! We haven’t seen him in real life for over a month. We talk outside and I try not to cry the entire visit. I am grateful. I hope you all are finding as many things to be grateful for as you can. Here’s one: we made it through another week! 🤟🏾

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Kathryn has been keeping up with her dad, star actor Georg Brown, via calls, and she has been helping out with his groceries also. The two are quite close, so it is no surprise that Dora decided to go into acting, just like her dad.

Dora recently appeared in a father-daughter episode of a comedy show, "Linc's," alongside her father, who plays the role of a political lobbyist.

She was a guest star on "Chicago Hope" and "The Practice" not so long ago. Kathryn also starred in "The Tiger Woods Story," so she has been quite a successful actress so far.

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Day 30 - The girls went to sleep last night after crying a lot. They are scared. They miss their friends, even the mean ones. They are sad. They sleep soundly and then wake up and start fighting. I lecture them and the fighting stops. Posy and I talk about friendship. I tell her about my friend Jeremy and his best friend who just died of Corona and the special bond they had. We get up and Poppy has made us all tea. But then the fighting starts again. We all go off to our own corners to calm ourselves. Reset. Posy and I exercise. Girls sing together. We go outside into the sunny day and play with Paxil and do gymnastics. The second I text my friend that the girls are only fighting 20% of the time- they start fighting again. I’m so annoyed. I yell, pointing at one of them, “that is the ONLY friend you have right now!!” I am so mean. I take a shower. Reset. I hear them outside playing and trying not to fight. I talk to b. We talk about Xan. Xan is about to have her second baby. Today! Siblings. #nationalsiblingday was yesterday. I loved looking at everyone’s photos. Girls keep fighting. I turn into it a math lesson: If it’s 1:30 and you started fighting at 7AM, and you’ve only stopped for a total of 30 minutes, how long have you been fighting? We then break up the day by going on a birthday parade for our friend Clementine. It brings us out of ourselves. It’s so fun. The look on Clementine’s face is amazing. And the day has finally reset! Oh, and then, something else happens… my baby sister has her second child and life is good and siblings are good and we are good. 💞

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The actress started her career while she was in college. She had been studying to get a degree at the time, and her father really wanted her to stay out of acting. 

The duo revealed the details in an interview with Backstage West. Her father explained his reason for wanting her to stay out of the film industry at the time:

"Well, it's a little late now. But it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do…"

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Please take my quarantine posts with a grain of paranoia, a dash of fear and a heaping spoonful of terror. True, I have not been feeling well, but my mind is the main problem. At least, for now…. Day 10 - still not feeling well. Terrified that I have it. Don’t know if my chest hurts from beginnings of #corona, or from #anxiety about getting sick and worry over my mom being sick. Girls played outside in the sun, before the rain came and I felt so grateful for this house. I’m very sad that the world is suffering with this #pandemic It feels so permanent and devastating. Day 11 - #Monday 😑 Day 12 - woke up early to go to #RiteAid the second it opened. The pharmacist told me he’s the only one there at 7am. It’s me, him and two other people. Again, have I broken #quarantine? Am I on Day 5, Day 12 or back to Day 1?!! Have #Zoom with all my cousins for @samdaly Birthday. Wipe down grocery delivery (twice). Shower. Take girls to Steve’s. Cat gets stung by a bee in his mouth. Massive migraine (all day). Body chills. Freezing. 1 major panic attack. Get into bed with #Calmapp and listen to 1/2 hour anxiety meditation. Better. Warmer. Talk to my Dad. Watch #tigerkingnetflix Day 13 - Clean house. Talk to my mom. Clean pool. Rake lawn. Take out trash. Talk to my Dad. Order groceries for my Dad. Take it easy. Migraine is gone. Sore throat is back, which means #paranoian is back, too. Day 14 - have an 1 1/2 hour Zoom meeting with Posy’s teacher/class. Talk to my mom. Discover the cat ripped up some #toiletpaper! Shower. Make lunch and wrap it to go. Pick up girls and take them on a “field trip” - drive by friends homes and talk to them from across the street. Come home and watch girls play in the sunny, beautiful day. Watch #unorthodoxnetflix Day 15 - #homeschool. Talk to my mom. Talk to cousin Sam. Get a drive-by-visit from friends. #FaceTime. Text. Phone. Talk, talk, talk!!! Girls give me a hairdo. My throat hurts. My chest hurts, too, but I think it’s anxiety. Watch #queereye with the girls. We made it through another week, everybody! #stayhome #staysafe 🤍🧤🥽🦠😷🤍

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Georg Stanford Brown is an excellent actor who is widely known for his role in "Roots" as Tom Harvey, which earned him an Emmy nomination. 

His acting journey started in 1967 in which he portrayed a revolutionary. He also directed different productions, including Cagney & Lacey, which won an Emmy.

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