April 27, 2020

Daily Joke: New Store Opens in Town and They Only Sell Husbands

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News of a new shopping center where husbands are sold reached a woman who hurriedly dashed to the store to purchase a man. With very detailed attention, the young lady went through the composition of the store.

Not only did it house six floors, as a shopper moves up, but there is also a chance that she will meet a man of more significant potential on the next level.

Woman wearing black coat and staring at a building | Photo: Pexels


If the shopper seems unsatisfied with the option, moving to another floor is allowed. However, she will never be able to revisit a floor for a second time.

The only reason descending the floors is permitted will be to leave the store. Having comprehended the instructions, the woman leaped onto the elevator and checked out the features of the men on the first floor. 


These men can keep a job. After comparing this feature to that of her former lover, she decided to ascend to the next floor.

The second-floor men can maintain a good job and are family-oriented. This seemed captivating enough, but she agreed there could be more ahead.


On the third floor, the men found there possessed all the characteristics of the second-floor men but were also very attractive.

Looking forward to an upgraded version of men, the shopper checked floor four where the men have jobs, love kids, are very handsome, and sacrifice their time for household chores.


The young lady seemed impressed but resolved that there could be a better option. Now on floor five, she could have a husband with the same traits and more!

Here the men added being an appealing romantic streak to the list of other options. After much consideration, the shopper decided that visiting the last floor would not be a bad idea since all she had gotten was an upgrade.

As soon as she checked on the sixth floor, the sign read: "You are visitor 6,875,953,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. It exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please."

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Source: Unijokes