Sean Patrick Thomas of 'Barbershop' & Actress Wife Aonika Celebrate 14th Wedding Anniversary

Sean Patrick Thomas from the 'Barbershop' celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary with his wife, Aonika Laurent, with a sweet tribute for their wedding day.  

Sean Patrick Thomas' union with his wife, Aonika Laurent, took just as many twists and turns before the couple's happy ending happened just like his on-screen characters.

In an interview for Oprah's "Black Love" documentary, Sean revealed that they first met through a mutual friend, but he was so busy on the phone with a friend at the time that he barely took notice of Aonika.

On April 22, 2006, Sean and Aonika wed in front of their closest family and friends. In honor of their anniversary, Sean wrote:

"14 years ago, a Southern belle married a Yankee and they lived happily ever after. Thank you for choosing me."

According to PEOPLE, the couple had originally planned to tie the knot at the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans in the fall a year earlier.

However, the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina across the city left many places completely ruined and forced Sean and Aonika to push back their wedding plans back for another year.

New Orleans is Aonika's hometown, and they were determined to have their dream wedding. There was also sentimental reasons for their choice because they considered it to be their favorite city.

Many fans commented and wished the couple a happy anniversary. One fan shared her surprise as to how much the couple looked like they hadn't aged a day in their throwback photo.

A fan commented on Sean Patrick Thomas’ 14 year wedding anniversary tribute to his wife Aonika Laurent | Source:

A fan commented on Sean Patrick Thomas’ 14 year wedding anniversary tribute to his wife Aonika Laurent | Source:

A year ago, Sean shared another touching wedding anniversary message for his wife and called the year his "lucky 13." Revealing details of their wedding, he said:

"Thirteen years ago today, in historic St. Louis Cathedral amidst the rubble of Hurricane Katrina, I put a ring on it."

Sean admitted that he was proud of the life that he had built with his wife and their two children Lola Jolie and Luc Laurent.

When his daughter, Lola, was born, Sean excitedly told PEOPLE that her arrival meant he would have to gorgeous girls that he could love.

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