4 Hilarious Jokes about Running

Running is an excellent way to exercise; however, laughing can also stimulate good health. Here are four jokes about running that makes a hilarious read.

After thinking about the outstanding effects jogging could have, a man opted for a jogging routine, but first, he decided to get some good jogging shoes.

At the store, he was shocked at the different running shoes but picked one anyway. After trying his selection on, the buyer noticed a pocket by the side of the shoes and asked a sales rep what the pocket feature.

Cashier holding shoes on table while calculating in clothing store. | Photo: Getty Images

Cashier holding shoes on table while calculating in clothing store. | Photo: Getty Images

The sales rep took time to explain and gave a laughable response by saying, "Oh, that's to carry spare change so you can call your wife to come pick you up when you've jogged too far."

The laughs continue with the second joke of a man who attempted to rest while driving across the country to see his lover. Tired after hours of driving, he decided to park his vehicle by the roadside, which was a major jogging route.

As he settled in the car seat, ready to hit the sack, a jogger knocked on his window and pleasantly asked, "Excuse me sir, do you have the time?

He glanced at his car clock and answered the jogger with the correct time. As he attempted to doze off a second time, another jogger repeats the same episode of asking what the time was.

The young man answered and decided to put a sign to convince any other jogger that he didn't know the time.

Feeling rather accomplished and sure of a good rest, he settled in, ready to doze off, but heard a knock on his window. This time it was a jogger who said: "Sir, sir? It's 8:45."

The third joke is about a man who constantly nagged about his girlfriend's obsessive exercise routines. He often explained to her that it was a total waste of time, especially if she could get the "runner's high" by not running but drinking and smoking every night.

He said his routine gave him the feeling of walking up a flight of stairs. This last joke involves two supervisors who ran after checking meters.

The officials checked each house on the street to ensure they had the correct meter. A particular woman watched the men as they checked her home. After they completed their task, they decided to engage in a race to prove who is more agile.

The men started running only to realize that the same woman was following them closely. When they asked her why she was running, she said:

"When I see two people check a meter, then run as fast...I figured I'd better run too."

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