April 30, 2020

Keisha and Omar Epps' 12-Year-Old Son Amir Looks like Dad in a New Photo

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TV star Omar Epps' son could pass for his twinnie, and his wife Keisha proved this in a new father-son photo she shared on social media.

It is safe to say that star actor Omar Epps has made his mark in Hollywood while he continues to thrive in the industry. But besides his impressive career, the "Love & Basketball" actor is a family man with a wife of 15 years and three kids!

Actor Omar Epps and wife Keisha Epps at the 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Hollywood Domino Gala & Tournament at Sunset Tower Hotel on February 19, 2015 | Photo: Getty Images



Epps' wife, Keisha, showed off her spouse and one of their kids, Amir Epps, on Instagram as they shared a sweet father-son moment. In the photo, the "ER" star and Amir seemed to be in what looked like the couple's home as they sat for the up-close photo. Keisha captioned:

"The hearts of me... Grateful, you both chose me."

The younger Epps rocked neat cornrows and a t-shirt and shorts outfit while he brandished a cute smile. Omar had one arm around the young star while giving fans a view of their uncanny resemblance. 



Keisha Epps' fans were all about her beautiful family as they wasted no time in sharing their warming thoughts. A supporter said of Amir's face: "Daddy's eyes and mommy's face shape… handsome young king."

The 46-year-old once made it to the news after adorably sending his oldest daughter off to prom!

Someone addressed the socialite: "He's a beautiful combination of you both." Another fan added: "Like father like son." While many fans thought the young boy was Omar's spitting image, a few others credited Keisha.



Many fans mostly have a good knowledge of how impressive the "Juice" actor's career is, but Epps doesn't just have it locked down in showbiz as he is also an excellent dad. The 46-year-old once made it to the news after adorably sending his oldest daughter off to prom!

On Instagram, his R&B star partner had shared a heart-tugging picture of the celebrity dad and Aiyanna, who was getting glammed for prom night.

In the photo, the pretty girl stood in a nice off-shoulder black dress while Omar helped her with her necklace. 



The "House" star and Keisha Spivey started their romantic journey back in 1992, after briefly dating, they decided to tie the knot.

Keisha and Omar walked down the aisle in 2006 and have been able to keep their matrimony blissful, ten years later.

Once speaking about what it was like to be married to Keisha, the Brooklyn native said that besides loving her, he also liked her. 

The star actor explained, "You can love someone but not like them. I still like her. I still have that cute and innocent type of love for her." Epps also explained that divorce was off the table.!