Daily Joke: A Man Stops at a Fast Food Restaurant to Order Some French Fries

Anyone needs some dosage of laughter each day. Here's a joke to give you just that. A hungry man stopped by at a fast-food restaurant one afternoon.

Standing outside, he was fascinated by a signboard which offered "Fat-Free French Fries." Tempted, he decided to give the restaurant a try. He excitedly walked into the restaurant.

He joined a short queue and then started placing his orders after one minute. He was disappointed when he saw the cooking staff pull out a basket of fries from the fryer. 

Man sitting on a bench. | Photo: Pexels

Man sitting on a bench. | Photo: Pexels

Contrary to the sign he saw outside; the fries were dripping with fat. The cooking staff threw the fries in a bag and put the items in the man's order. 

The man was disgusted, saying, "Just a minute! Those aren't fat-free." The cooking staff shrugged, "Yes, they are. We only charge for the potatoes, the fat is free!"

Fries on a plate. | Photo: Pexels

Fries on a plate. | Photo: Pexels

Now, that's a hilarious twist in the story! Here's another funny story about a man who works at a pharmacy. His encounter with a customer will make you roar in laughter.

John works in a small pharmacy, but he is not much of a salesman. Because of this, he often hardly finds the item a customer wanted.

A pharmacy. | Photo: Freepik

A pharmacy. | Photo: Freepik

One day, Bob, the owner of the pharmacy, warns John that if he misses another sale again, he will fire him.

A few hours later, while John is tending the pharmacy, a man comes in coughing. He asks John for the best cough syrup.

John looks around for the medicine, but he can't find the cough syrup. He suddenly remembers Bob's warning and decides to just hand the customer a box of laxatives.

The coughing customer buys the medicine John gave him, heads out, and leans against a post. Seeing what John did, Bob is so disappointed again with John.

"Laxatives won't cure a cough," Bob shouts angrily. John said, "Sure, it will." John points at the man by the lamppost. "Look at him. He's afraid to cough."

Want to laugh some more? Check out this story of a man who goes out to sea and catches a few fish. He gets up right on time to prepare, hooks up his boat, and off he goes, throughout the day.

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