Erica Campbell Celebrates 48th Birthday in a Dazzling Way

Reality television star Erica Campbell glowed beautifully with her shiny tiara, as she wished herself a happy birthday while drinking from her crystalized birthday mug.

Wishes come from lots of people, including family during birthdays making the day very special, but it is never a bad idea to wish yourself.

Erica Campbell at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Mar. 25, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Erica Campbell at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Mar. 25, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

This is what award-winning gospel singer Erica Campbell did as she turned 48 recently. The mother of three took to her Instagram page to post a video during which she could be seen wishing herself a happy birthday. 

She also showed off her sparkly items, including a gorgeous sequinned top, a dazzling tiara, a shiny bracelet, and the best one of all — a bright mug with her name on it — but none of this could beat her beautiful glowing skin. Erica captioned:

"Happy for Life, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME Feeling full of light and love ❤️ and Holy Ghost power and fire!!! #Hello48…"

The 48-year-old is a mother to daughter Krista Nicole, son Warryn III and her youngest daughter Zaya Monique. Her husband, producer Warren Campbell fathered all three children.

Erica Campbell has now gone solo and has a more dynamic music style.

The family of five has a reality show, "We're The Campbells," which airs on television. The show gives an exclusive look into the life of the Campbells.

Back in 2018, Erica's oldest daughter shared her experience with bullies. Krista opened up about the way she was treated in grade school because of her skin color. She said:

"...hese kids were playing a game and...I was like what you guys are doing, and they were like we don't want any darkie here..."

Her mother was quite shocked on hearing about her ordeal and decided to introduce her to a young social media star who is proud of her black skin.

Along with reality TV with her family, Erica is known for singing gospel songs. The music star was a part of a singing duo, "Mary Mary," with her sister Tina Atkins.

Erica Campbell has now gone solo and has a more dynamic music style, which can be heard in her song, "Well Done." 

The singer's decision to go solo helped her to discover herself even more, even though it takes a different level of energy and focus.

The multi-talented star also hosts a radio show called "Get Up Mornings With Erica Campbell." She has amassed several awards, including three Grammys.

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