Three-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral after Taking Her Sheep for a Walk

With everything going on, a viral video of the most adorable sheep handler is a welcome warmth in the hearts of many. It's also a reminder that it's never too early to start on a farm. 

At just three years old, Barley Brook Sellar has garnered respect for the way she dealt with a sheep at her home in Norfolk, England. The young girl never hesitated once in controlling the animal. 

Barley was taking part in an online sheep show for which James Rebanks is a judge. He promptly shared the less than a minute clip to Twitter, where it went viral. It's found below.

Cart full of toilet paper | Photo: Pixabay

Cart full of toilet paper | Photo: Pixabay


From behind the camera, we see as Barley's mom Caitlin Jenkins asks the little girl some questions. First, her name, then her age, and finally, the name of the sheep — Ethel. 

The mom then asks what type of sheep Ethel is to which Barley responds, "White!" She soon corrects herself and answers that Ethel is a Border Leicester.

Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay/Alexey_Hulsov

Coronavirus quarantine sign | Photo: Pixabay/Alexey_Hulsov

All the while, the large sheep who seems at least double the size of the girl, is nudging its head on her. The pair then go for a walk before returning to their original spot. 


To get the sheep to stop, the tot adorably screams, "Stand!" The cute little girl also decides to stand at attention before giving the camera a big grin. The video garnered over 80,000 likes as of Friday.

According to Today, the girl's family owns over 200 sheep, which they keep on their farm. Barley has had her own small flock of sheep since her first birthday. 

"Ethel is the oldest sheep in the flock, she's very kind and has a good friendship with Barley," Jenkins explained. As for her daughter, she's passionate about farming and always ready to go outside. 

The sheep video is a smaller part of the annual Agriculture show held in the area. Because of the pandemic, the event will be done online and is set to take place Saturday. 


Over in Louisiana, Texas, people are starting to return to normal as restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and retail stores were allowed to open on Friday. 

The move followed a hundreds-strong protest by gun-toting residents who took to the streets on Thursday to rally against strict lockdown orders the governor imposed last month. 

Meanwhile, the lucky people who have been able to work from home are making themselves comfortable thanks to the remote work life. Will Reeve gave a great example last week


While shooting for "Good Morning America," Reeve sat in his home and showed only his suit and tie without showing from his waist down. However, towards the end of the segment, the frame shifted. 

It gave away that the journalist had no pants on, and the internet made the shot viral. Luckily, Reeve found it easy to laugh at himself, reposting the shot with a good-natured caption. 

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