Daily Jokes: Pregnant Woman Is about to Give Birth

A pregnant woman was in the hospital, about to give birth, but the baby had an interesting conversation with the doctor. Here it goes! 

A doctor had his patient, a pregnant woman, on the delivery table, with legs up in the stirrups, and suddenly, he sees the top of a head push through. 

Then the baby pops its head out and asks the doctor if he is his dad. "No," replied the doctor while stating that he is the doctor.

Woman about to give birth. | Source: Shutterstock

Woman about to give birth. | Source: Shutterstock

After hearing the reply, the baby pops his head back inside. The doctor was surprised as he had never seen or heard of anything like what he had just experienced. 

A short while later, he sees the head push through again. "Are you my dad?" asks the baby again. "No, I am your doctor," he replied.

Once again, the baby vanishes back into his mother's womb. The doctor turns to a nurse and asks her to get the baby's father into the delivery room right away.

Woman about to give birth. | Source: Shutterstock

Woman about to give birth. | Source: Shutterstock

Moments later, the baby's father was in the delivery room, and the baby's head once again pops out as he asks the same question.

This time after the baby's question, he got a positive answer as his father replied with a smile that he is the one he had been asking for.

The baby then reached up and began poking his father in the forehead with his index finger as he asked him," How do you like that?" If you enjoyed this joke, here is another one for you. 

A woman decided to get a facelift for her birthday. After spending a total sum of $5000, she was pleased with the result.

On her way home, she stopped at a dress shop to look around. As she was leaving, she asked the sales clerk to guess her age based on her looks.

He replied and told her that she looks like a 35-year-old woman. The woman smiled happily and said to him that her real age was 47.

After that, she went into McDonald's for lunch and asked the waiter the same question. His reply even made the woman happier as he thought she was about 29 years of age.

While standing at the bus stop, she stopped an older man and asked him the same question. 

The older man replied that he is 85 years and his eyesight isn't what it used to be, so he proposed that he could tell her age if he put his hand up her skirt.

There was no one around, so the woman agreed and let him slip his hand up her skirt. After feeling around for a while, the older man told her that she is 47 years old.

The woman was stunned by his technique and asked him to share it with her. The old man replied, "I was behind you in line at McDonald's." 

If you love this joke, here is another to keep you laughing.

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