Chris Chalk's Wife Kimberley Dalton Mitchell Is Also an Actress — What We Know about Her

Actor Chris Chalk, best known as Yusef Salaam in "When They See Us" and Lucius Fox in "Gotham," recently celebrated his third wedding anniversary!

The lucky one is Kimberly Dalton "KD" Mitchell, who is also a talented actress, producer, and writer known for "Days of Our Lives" and "The Second City Presents: The Last Show Left on Earth."

Chris and KD will play husband and wife in an upcoming film.

Chris Chalk on October 19, 2016 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Chris Chalk on October 19, 2016 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Chris and KD, who took her husband's last name after walking down the aisle, got married in his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, on April 22, 2017.

The day that the ceremony took place, Chris uploaded a selfie showing him wearing a Mohammad Ali shirt while KD was in the background looking at him. In the caption, the actor pointed out that he was marrying his "best friend."

KD Chalk also posted a photo on Instagram showing several cupcakes iced with pics of Chris. The actress took the opportunity to make a joke by writing: "I get to have my cake and eat it too," followed by the hashtags "My Husband Today," "Wedding Day," and "Love."

The couple's wedding was held only seven months after their engagement, and some of their closest friends and family members were invited to the event. According to Us Magazine, approximately 135 people attended.

One of the most exciting aspects of their wedding was that the guests were driven from where the ceremony took place to the reception at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in traditional yellow school buses. About it, KD said:

"We didn't want people driving up the mountain after [drinking Theopolis Vineyards champagne at the ceremony]."


Although KD has not had as many film credits as her husband, she is an up-and-coming actress set to become a star in the following years.

Apart from being the winner of the ABFF NBC Universal Star Project, it has become her mission to create fearless feminist comedy.

Her first comedy web series was titled "FabulousnessNess with Clea + Jordan." The show competed in the Funny or Die Make'em contests held by the Los Angeles Film Festival. In only a month, it reached more than 30,000 views!

KD's second short film was "The Openers," which won best short in Broad Humor Festival and was also featured in the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner.


Nowadays, Chris Chalk's wife is focused on "Farewell," an upcoming horror and drama film. Just like with "The Openers" and "FabulousnessNess with Clea + Jordan," KD is working as a writer, producer, and actress.

The fact that makes "Farewell" so anticipated is that Chris and KD will play husband and wife, Chance and Grace Charles, respectively.

Apart from that, Chris joined his wife in the writers' team and also directed the film. Nowadays, it is in the post-production stage, and it is uncertain when it's going to be released.

Chris has had his hands full in recent years, fortunately. Apart from playing Gary Cooper in "The Newsroom" and Lucius Fox in "Gotham," he has portrayed William Still in "Underground" and Yusef Salaam in Netflix's "When They See Us."


The future of Chris Chalk in movies and TV shows also seems quite promising, especially because he is set to take a central role in an upcoming HBO series titled "Perry Mason."

The principal star of the show will be Matthew Rhys, who will portray the legendary criminal defense lawyer Perry Mason in the middle of the "case of the decade."

Shea Whigham is also set to play an important part in the limited series. He will play Pete Strickland, a detective hired by Perry Mason.

Chris Chalk, on the other hand, will play a beat cop with a strong desire to become a detective named Paul Drake. He will face a lot of difficulties while investigating a crime in a race-conscious city and an oppressive police department.

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