May 07, 2020

Audra McDonald of 'The Good Fight' Documents Daughter's Growth on Her 19th Birthday Post

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American actress, Audra McDonald of "The Good Fight" fame, made a sweet post dedicated to her daughter, Zoe Madeline, to celebrate her 19th birthday in February. She went down memory lane to share some childhood pictures of her. 

The bond between mothers and daughters is like no other. That bond can be described as unique and intense and is one that is hard to break. Actress Audra McDonald enjoys that sort of relationship with her oldest daughter, Zoe. 

Audra McDonald of the television show "The Good Fight" at the CBS segment of the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour | Photo: Getty Images.


So, when Zoe celebrated her 19th birthday in February, her mother was on hand to make the day more special with an emotional post on her Instagram page, where she shared some amazing pictures. 

In the post, Audra shared eight pictures that chronicled Zoe's growth as a baby girl to when she began to grow older, and even her graduation from High school. In the caption to the post, the actress wrote: 

"This amazing ray of light, sunshine, compassion, brains, grit, joy, and love is 19 years old today. Happy birthday to my precious Valentine Baby." 


Audra doesn't save all the sweetness for her daughter for her birthdays alone. She also recently shared a throwback picture of her lovely Zoe, as a little girl wearing a lovely dress and smiling happily.

In the caption to the post, the doting mom again showered encomiums on Zoe, writing,  "My firstborn was soooooo precious!!! Still is. Love her with all my heart [emoji]." 

The actress said that she felt lucky and that it was a surprise because she never thought she would be a mother to a newborn.


Audra McDonald is a mother of two daughters, Zoe, 19, and Sally James, 3. She shares Zoe with her ex-husband, Peter Donovan, with whom she was married from 2000 to 2009. 

Audra shares her second daughter with her present husband, Will Swenson, who she married in 2012. The "Beauty and the Beast" actress had Sally when she was 46, with the baby coming at a later stage of her life. 


In a chat with PEOPLE, Audra spoke about how it felt becoming a mother again at that stage of her life. The actress said that she felt lucky and that it was a surprise because she never thought she would be a mother to a newborn at that stage of her life. 

Audra, however, said that she was thrilled to be a mother again, and said that Sally was a soul that was meant to be, and she had come to swoop in and shake her life up. 


Audra McDonald has starred in so many films and series, but one that she would always be remembered for is "The Good Fight." The actress is very much talented and is also good at singing. 

Audra has a lot of awards to speak for her talent and passion for excellence, including two Grammy awards, six Tony Awards, and an Emmy Award.

 The actress was also named in "Time Magazine's" list of 100 most influential people of 2015, and was a recipient of the National Medal of Arts, from Former President, Barack Obama, in that same year.