May 13, 2020

Daily Joke: Man Takes His Dogs for Walk in the Park

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A man who gave his dogs weird names decided to take them for a walk in the park but soon realizes the mistake of their names.

Giving one's pet a name can be all fun and games with most people trying to be creative about it. However, sometimes these names might prove worrisome when one is in danger of losing the pet.

Man walking with his dog | Photo: Pexels


A man decided to be creative with the names he gave his dogs and decided to call one "Trouble" and the other "Commonsense."

Every evening, this man always took his dogs to the park to play a game of frisbee and to enjoy the evening breeze.

One day, however, he decided to take on only one of the dogs for their regular evening walk. He decided to take Trouble along with him and left Commonsense at home.

Car parked beside a building | Photo: Pexels


As the man and his dog began to play their game of frisbee with friends, Trouble disappeared, and he started to panic, looking for the dog in every corner of the park.

With the evening wearing on, the man became sad as every effort to find Trouble was proving abortive.

Photo of a dog on floorboard. | Photo: Getty Images


A lady who had been at the park noticed the man looking agitated and disturbed and decided to ask him what was wrong.

Approaching the distraught man, she asked what he was looking for as she had observed him going round the park and checking every corner for something.

Border Collie Wearing Glasses Sitting at a Table With His Paw on a Keyboard. | Photo: Getty Images


Turning to the lady, the man replied that he was looking Trouble, and his response shocked the young lady.

Confused at his response, she asked him again what he was looking for, and this time he replied more affirmatively saying, "I am looking for Trouble!"

Annoyed at this response, the woman turned to the man and lashed out asking: "Where is your commonsense?" To which he replied, "At home."

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Source: startsat60