Tamron Hall's Baby Son Moses Enjoys Eating Strawberry in a Cute Video

Tamron Hall shared a video of her baby son enjoying a snack while eating a strawberry, and fans can't get enough of the adorable moment.

Tamron Hall melted hearts across the internet when she shared a video of her adorable son, Moses, enjoying a strawberry. In her caption, the proud mother teased:

"This is what we call slapping good. Don't 'berry' the things that we can be grateful...#staystrong"

Tamron's video showed her son sitting in his high chair and making hilarious facial expressions as he took bites of the large strawberry.

Comedian Loni Love joined in on the play on words and said, "my baby is berry good!" Another fan joked, "Baby Moses is so cute, now hand over that strawberry to me, sir." Another fan expressed how they couldn't get over the adorable moment.

A fan commented on Tamron Hall’s video of her son Moses eating a strawberry | Source: Instagram.com/tamronhall

A fan commented on Tamron Hall’s video of her son Moses eating a strawberry | Source: Instagram.com/tamronhall

Tamron and her husband, Steven Greener, welcomed Moses in April 2019. As a first time mother, she told Good Housekeeping that getting her son's feeding right wasn't easy in the beginning.

She detailed how Moses kept spitting up his milk, which concerned her. So she kept changing the milk she was giving him, until one day she broke down over in the parking lot at Target over all the questions about how to control his spitting up.

Tamera revealed that when Moses was about five months old, it had stopped on its own. She said that it was by that time that she started to get more confident in her parenting style.

According to O Magazine, the only challenge she is facing is trying to work from home while taking care of him.

Her son had hit the one-year milestone, and he is experimenting with all kinds of food. In a caption of a recent feeding, she wrote:

"Monday with Moses. This self-feeding thing is an interesting phase. #toddlerlife I can do all things mama. (should I tell him?)."

Tamron told PEOPLE that becoming a mother and a wife has taught her a lot about herself, especially when it comes to her work ethic.

She admitted that she has been used to doing everything on her own, but she is learning to delegate and rely on her husband more with tasks around the house.

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