Tamron Hall & Son Moses Are All Smiles in Photo Shoot for Parents Magazine

Tamron Hall and her son Moses are the latest models for Parents Magazine, and the result is adorable. The proud mom shares a sneak peek of the photoshoot on Instagram for her fans to enjoy. 

Tamron Hall and baby Moses are the latest cover models for Parents Magazine, and the talk show host opens up about juggling her career and parenthood during the cover interview. 

Tamron Hall smiles for a photo while backstage | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Tamron Hall smiles for a photo while backstage | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


According to Tamron Hall, there's nothing wrong with being away from her child for a while if it means she's going to work. 

"I don't feel bad about saying goodbye to Moses. It's the reality of being a working mom. I also love my job."


While she's at work, her mom, Mary Newton, travels all the way from Texas to babysit her child while her husband heads to work as well. 

It's from her mom that she learns the ins and outs of motherhood, talking to each other every day and observing her as she takes care of Moses whenever she's around. 


While Hall often has an "I can handle it all" attitude and has difficulty handing the work to someone else, she's been trying to make it a habit to involve her husband more in household duties. 

She didn't use to involve her husband Steven Greener in household chores, but after realizing that this is going to wear her out, she decided to involve him instead. 

"I have a partner and should pass off some of the household management."

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Talk show host #TamronHall is our March cover mom! The 49-year-old #momboss has had a busy year: She got married, had her first baby (now 9-month-old Moses), and launched her own talk show, the #TamronHallShow! "I don’t mind Instagram, with all its filters, as long as we also get real and say, 'Do you know how many pictures I took before I posted this one?'" Tamron says. "If we all just rip off our masks and say, 'Damn it, this is hard,' we can release the pressure we unnecessarily endure. We’re all just doing the best we can." 🙌❤️ Tap the #linkinbio to find out what a typical day in Tamron's working-mom life looks like and how she juggles it all—or at least, how she tries. #mombossenergy 📸: @taomeitao

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Tamron, 49, welcomed her son Moses with husband Steven Greener on April 2019, after struggling to conceive through IVF. 

In 2017, Hall found herself in a difficult situation, as she had just left NBC and was being rejected from jobs. However, it was at that moment that she realized life was more than just the job you have, and so she decided to work on herself. 

This led to her decision to try and conceive again, this time through IVF. True enough, she and Greener welcomed a healthy baby boy, and he is now surrounded by so much love and care from all his family members. 

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