May 21, 2020

What Bow Wow AKA Frog Had to Say after 'The Masked Singer' Finale

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Rapper Bow Wow, also known as "The Frog" from the celebrity singing competition "The Masked Singer," thanks fans for their support and promises that "The Frog" would be back.

Fans and lovers of the singing competition "The Masked Singer" recently met the celebrities behind the mask, and most of them are stunned at how accurate and inaccurate their guesses have been.

Bow Wow at Nelly & Friends Concert after Party at Gold Room on July 25, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Bow Wow, who was revealed as "The Frog," recently took to Instagram to thank his fans for the support and love they showed him during the competition.

In the video, Bow Wow stated that although he did not win, the rapper was happy that he got to be a part of the show and was able to prove that he still had the gift of music. The "Let Me Hold You" crooner said:

"It has been a fun ride. Unfortunately, it has come to an end. Expect more big things from your boy. I will be back."


Bow Wow also expressed that although he had gone on to do the competition, he could not have done it without the support of his fans and loved ones who encouraged him daily.

Rocking a black hoodie and gray and yellow joggers topped off with a black face cap, the singer also appreciated that fans had fallen in love with "The Frog," which was next to him.

Jesse McCartney, who was "The Turtle," came in second.


Not long after he posted the video, fans and supporters took to the comments section to congratulate him for making such an epic comeback and proving that he still had the music running through him.

In an interview with People, Bow Wow opened up that he had done the "The Masked Singer" competition to help him "jump off the block" and prepare for his Millenium Tour coming soon. He also stated that another reason was to shut his haters up. He admitted that:

"It was the perfect opportunity for me to...remind the world that I'm still that dude and pretty much, I can do anything."


The father-of-one expressed that he had wanted to win the competition for his daughter Shai, who loved watching the show. Although he had kept it a secret from his family, his daughter knew and ensured that he did not divulge the information to anybody.

On how the competition has affected his future performances, Bow Wow stated that he'd have to incorporate some of the dance moves and routine he did in some of his shows to prove that he was truly "The Frog."

While Bow Wow came third place in the competition, Jesse McCartney, who was "The Turtle," came in second, and Kandi Burrus, who was "Night Angel" won.

In all, while he might not have won it, Bow Wow is excited that he got to be a part of the competition and is grateful for the support and love of fans while promising to be back.