May 31, 2020

Snoop Dogg's Granddaughter Elleven Love Kisses Huskies in a Cute Video

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Snoop Dogg's elder granddaughter Eleven is an animal lover and a total sweetheart. The little princess adorably blew kisses to giant Husky dogs in a recently shared clip.

The iconic rapper's two sons, Corde and Cordell, has blessed him with three grandkids. While Corde, his first child, has a son and a daughter, Cordell, the second-born, has one daughter.

Corde recently shared a recording of his cute toddler daughter having fun in the midst of three husky dogs.

Snoop Dogg attends the "Queen & Slim" Premiere at AFI FEST 2019 presented by Audi at the TCL Chinese Theatre on November 14, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


She seemed acquainted with the animals as she touched and patted them. The youngster appeared to have more love for a dog named "Sunny," whom she air-kissed twice.

Snoop Dogg's elder granddaughter later proceeded to her colorful toy car, which had one dog already in it. However, Eleven wasn't ready to have anyone accompany her on the ride, so she chimed "no, no" and requested that the dog leave her car toy.


Her father's voice could be heard in the background, and he let his followers enjoy the video without bothering them with a lengthy caption. Corde captioned the post: "@1huskylove."

Many fans praised the toddler's friendliness. One fan quipped: "Baby Alpha! Leader of the pack!" The father of two is very expressive online when it comes to serving his Instagram followers with picture updates on family affairs.

Their child's diagnosis caused both parents to bond again as they were physically present to support her.


When he gave birth to his first child, Corde was excited to share the news on Instagram. So was the rest of the Broadus' pack.

His rap star father, Snoop, expressed his pride in his firstborn for making him a granddad at 43. He posted a clip and wrote:

"Proud grandad. My son spank n grandson Zion !!???✨Jah bless."


Amid the fame and fortune, Snoop has remained a happily married man. The star who's married to Shante Broadus admitted that their marriage nearly hit rock bottom a few years ago, but was redeemed after their only daughter, Cori was diagnosed with lupus.

Their child's diagnosis caused both parents to bond again as they were physically present to support her throughout the process.

The Broadus' exchanged their vows a second time in 2008 in a luxury ceremony with about 200 guests. 

Snoop Dogg takes his relationship with his wife as well as the values he instills in his kids seriously. He once revealed that he never wanted his children to grow up the way he did. So, the father of three backed up this decision with the way he raised them.