June 03, 2020

Erin Napier of 'Home Town' Cries While Renovating Her Late Grandmother's House

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“Home Town” star Erin Napier breaks down in tears as she learns that a new house she’s renovating once belonged to her late grandmother.

For Erin and Ben Napier, renovating a house is always meaningful to them as they find a sweet way to connect to it.

Ben Napier and Erin Napier visit People Now on January 08, 2020 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


However, they were in for a surprise when they took on their newest building makeover and discovered that they have a special connection to it.

HGTV renewed the show for a fifth season, which will air in 2021 with 16 brand new episodes.



As reported by People Magazine, during Monday night’s episode of HGTV’s Home Town, Erin found out that the building in downtown Laurel which they were working on was once lived in by her grandmother.

While speaking to her father’s cousin, Kent, the mother-of-one learned that her grandmother and grandmother’s sister used to live in the house.



In fact, it was where Erin’s grandmother was living when she began dating her grandfather in the 1950s. Expressing her shock, she said:

“My grandparents met when she lived here. I’ve had so much fun renovating this house, but I had no idea I had a personal connection to it.”

She explained that she never knew about the house because her grandmother lost her speech and couldn’t speak.


As seen in the clip, Erin invited her uncle and grandmother’s sister to the apartment to learn more about its history. At the end of the tour, the home-flipping expert struggle to hold back the tears as she said:

“My grandmother and I were really, really close. And I wish that she could see this.”

As recalled by ET Canada, Erin’s grandmother passed away in May. She shared the devastating news in an emotional post on Instagram and a touching poem from Luther F. Beecher.



According to House Beautiful, the couple got the contract for “Home Town” after the producer Lindsey Weidhorn fell in love with their renovating skills through the #ILiveInLaurel hashtag, Erin used in her photos on Instagram.

The lovebirds who owned a stationery company at the time thought they being contacted to buy stationery. The publication noted that Ben and Erin first met at the University of Mississippi in December 2007, and six days after, he told her he loved her and would marry her.

That was the case as the pair tied the knot in November 2008 and have been happily married ever since and are proud parents of a daughter named Helen.

This comes after Country Living revealed that HGTV renewed the show for a fifth season, which will air in 2021 with 16 brand new episodes.