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June 03, 2020

Why Daniel Lissing of 'When Calls the Heart' Does Not Regret Leaving the Famous Show

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The heart is definitely calling Daniel Lissing, who reminisced about his time on the popular television drama "When Calls the Heart" that changed his life forever and led him to the love of his life.

The Australian actor left the popular Hallmark drama nearly two years ago, and Daniel loves the change his life took on since then, especially since he will be a married man later this year.

Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 23, 2018, in Universal City, California. | Source: Getty Images.


Speaking to ET, Daniel Lissing said that he has no regrets leaving "When Calls the Heart," and for a very sweet reason, as he added:

"If I had stayed I wouldn't have met [my fiancee] Nadia, you know? I wouldn't be getting married and be at this place in my life."


The hunky actor explained that he felt "inline" with his personal and professional purpose in life, and gushed about the fact that Nadia is his life now and "exponentially more important" than work.

However, it doesn't mean that Daniel doesn't miss some aspects of being on the television drama. At the end of the show's fifth season, Daniel's character died in a landslide, and he missed the bond he had built with the cast and crew up until then. 


Erin Krakow played Daniel's onscreen wife, and he said during the chat with ET, that he would love working with her again, and he even pitched Hallmark an idea about doing a Christmas movie with her. 

The television show's seventh season premiere is just around the corner, and Daniel said that his character's death "made for great television" at the time. With fond memories of his time on the drama series, Daniel left to pursue other projects and chose not to renew his contract when it expired.


Now, Daniel is getting geared up to become a married man "at the end of summer." While the couple remains fairly tight-lipped about their wedding plans, some details have popped up. 

After a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, the couple decided to have their wedding there, and they are hoping to stick to a guest list of about 80 people, although Daniel admitted that narrowing down the list is easier said than done.

Nadia, who hasn't shared her surname for privacy reasons, became engaged to Daniel Lissing in October last year after they initially met in Iceland in 2018.

The actor's mystery love had taken a trip to Reykjavik to celebrate earning her master's degree in business, and while there, a handsome young stranger named Daniel Lissing approached her for the first time.