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Woman Pulls out of Her Best Friend's Wedding over Bride's Behavior

Odette Odendaal
Jun 21, 2020
06:00 A.M.
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Planning a wedding can be stressful in an attempt to make everything perfect. However, one bride-to-be's best friend pulled out of her big day, having decided "not to bother with this woman anymore."


Over seven years, Dee Smith and another 23-year-old woman became best friends. Now, Dee's friend is planning her wedding, having met the man of her dreams, but the devil is in the detail as they say.



Dee suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia, which is a genetic disease that causes a loss of sensation in the arms and legs, along with impaired speech. Since Dee got diagnosed with the progressive disease years ago, she can't get by without the use of walking aids or a wheelchair anymore.

It will ruin her memories of the day. I will ruin it just by being disabled.

However, when the bride-to-be started planning her wedding, she asked another woman at work to be her maid of honor, which Dee found rather hurtful since they've been best friends for years.



To add insult to injury, the woman asked Dee to be a bridesmaid and told her that she had to wear heels, walk down the aisle, and stand for a while unaided. Since the friend knows about Dee's disease, she felt even more hurt that her needs got blatantly dismissed as if she has the choice. 

With the wedding slated for February next year, Dee told her that she would be in a wheelchair by then, but the friend didn't find that acceptable at all, as Dee explained:

"She then ignored my wheelchair. I got back a message saying ‘So you're rolling down the aisle on MY wedding day.’"



The more Dee tried to explain that her disability wouldn't allow for her to be as mobile as she wants to be, the more the bride-to-be got upset because she "can manage just fine" at the moment. Dee feels like her friend expects her to turn her disability on and off so she won't have a wheelchair in her wedding pictures.

"Like she's ashamed of anyone to see me in a wheelchair. It will ruin her memories of the day. I will ruin it just by being disabled," Dee wrote. "Ashamed of me, which obviously made me feel ashamed for wanting a wheelchair. Unlovable. Unworthy. Ugly. Someone that has no business being at a beautiful event because I'm disabled."



Consequently, Dee decided not to go to the wedding at all, and she took to social media to asked other netizens their take on the situation. 

But like many social media users pointed out, weddings are a celebration and meant to bring people together, and they didn't agree with "Bridezilla" and her "weird fictional image of reality." 

A woman on her wedding day holding a bouquet of flowers. | Source: Pixabay.


Since making an issue out of a wheelchair won't occur to real friends, netizens also called the future bride a "fake friend" that is more concerned about her appearance than the beauty that already surrounds her.

What would you do if you had been in Dee's shoes?

Relatedly, another bride-to-be started a similar conversation when she revealed that she didn't want her autistic nephew at her wedding.

The couple plan on having a small, intimate wedding with around 50 close friends and relatives, and since they will have an open bar, they decided only to have people over the legal drinking age at their reception.