'Outdaughtered' Star Danielle Busby Tries to Explain What COVID-19 Is to Her Quintuplets

Danielle and Adam Busby opened up about explaining the novel coronavirus to their quintuplets, and they shared their humorous responses that showed the "OutDaughtered" family all understand how the virus works. 

The seventh season of "OutDaughtered" premiered on June 3, and with a sneak peek available of their latest episode, fans got a glimpse of life in self-isolation for the big Busby family.

A sneak peek into Season 7 of "OutDaughtered" on TLC on May 20, 2020. | Source: YouTube/TLC

A sneak peek into Season 7 of "OutDaughtered" on TLC on May 20, 2020. | Source: YouTube/TLC


Adam and Danielle share a 9-year-old daughter Blake who is a big sister to her all-girl  5-year-old quintuplet siblings Hazel, Ava, Parker, Riley, and Olivia, and the couple had an entertaining time explaining COVID-19 to them all.

The clip shows the family gathered together as Danielle kicked off the conversation by drawing the children's attention to this "new germ called coronavirus," and elaborated:

"And it spreads when people who are sick get by each other and they cough or they high five and germs spread."


One of the quints wanted to know whether kissing counts and when Danielle confirmed, it opened up the door for a flood of funny questions.

Another quint wanted to know if they could get the virus by "sitting on top of each other," and Danielle had a hard time in between laughs getting the conversation back on track.

The mom of five explained that it meant they had to be "super careful" and will have to stay at home for "a little bit of time." Driving the point across, Danielle added that they couldn't go anywhere, not even to a friend's house or school. 


The couple also showed their kids how to wash their hands properly, and illustrating their understanding; quint Hazel adorable explained how it's done. 

"You put soap on your hands, and then you wash your hands like 20 minutes," Hazel said cutely. The "twenty" stuck in Hazel's mind, as experts reportedly recommend washing hands for at least 20 seconds. 


As adorable as the Busby children are, Danielle and Adam did admit that it would be challenging to "keep above water" with everyone home amid the pandemic. Even though Adam laughingly dismissed the idea at first, the couple appears to be swimming just fine.

TLC airs "OutDaughtered" on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET, and the new season also shows the family return to "winter wonderland" for all-new episodes. Fans will also see the couple's filming skills, as their camera crew couldn't be at home with them due to self-isolation guidelines. 

Fun learning times with their five young children are plentiful though, and Adam Busby updated fans of one of the activities the girls had a delicious time mastering - how to make the perfect roasted marshmallow. 

Going old-school, Adam watched closely as his girls each prepared smores over an open fire. Sharing the fun time spent with his girls, Adam posted a variety of pictures of the best part, eating the gooey sweetness after the flames roasted it to perfection. 

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