CNN's Chris Cuomo Calls Brother Andrew the Best Politician in the Country as He Serves as NY Governor

CNN television presenter Chris Cuomo and his brother Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, shared a brotherly heart to heart moment on Chris' night news program.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently appeared on CNN's news program, "Cuomo Prime Time," presented by his younger brother Chris Cuomo. As they discussed the effects of COVID-19 in the state, Andrew shared insight into what he had been doing to salvage the situation.

Andrew gave some details of the methods with which New York was using to combat the pandemic. Among many other measures, masks, social distancing, and transparency regarding the statistics were things that the governor's state was adopting.

Chris Cuomo at the 12th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History in 2018. | Photo: Shutterstock

Chris Cuomo at the 12th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History in 2018. | Photo: Shutterstock

The governor revealed that they were well aware that while the virus was hitting everywhere hard, nursing homes, where the older population resided, were taking a much harder impact considering the virus's penchant for attacking the old and weak.

They were channeling a lot of energy and resources into cushioning the effect of the disease on the more vulnerable citizens in nursing homes in the state. Wowed by his brother, Chris said:

"Obviously, I love you as a brother, obviously I'll never be objective, obviously I think you're the best politician in the country."

Chris went on singing his brother's praises, telling him that he was impressed with how he put in so much effort to help the people during a challenging time of emergency.

Chris admitted that they had never really done anything relative to the high appraisal or coddling on television, but he was just really proud of what his brother had done and hoped that his people would see the good and appreciate him for it.

Chris was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March and was forced to retreat into isolation in his own home.

Governor Cuomo's state has been declared the epicenter of COVID-19 since the coronavirus outbreak, amassing hundreds of thousands of cases and tens of thousands of deaths.

Despite the uncertainty and the threat of chaos, Gov. Cuomo has held down the fort for his state and became the face of the country's state leaders. 

He took up the mantle and has held daily press conferences to dish out the ugly truths and statistics of the situation, keeping transparency a priority. The 62-year-old governor is known for continuously parroting the importance of flattening the curve, which seems to be increasing by the day.

The leader has drawn a lot of attention for the manner in which he has handled the reins since the onset of the pandemic, becoming the face that the people long to see, to give them hope without any word-mincing, while some do not appreciate his approach.

Despite Andrew's leadership, proactiveness, and being an important face of the crusade against COVID-19, the disease still managed to catch up with his younger brother, Chris.

Chris was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March and was forced to retreat into isolation in his own home, away from his family and his wife, Christina, who had also contracted the disease.

After weeks of remaining in isolation with rigorous treatment, the CNN presenter finally emerged stronger than he had been. Although, he was surprisingly not completely rid of the illness, claiming that he still had "funky stuff" in his system after fighting the deadly disease.

With both Cuomo brothers doing their parts in fighting the pandemic in the best way they can, Chris remains convinced that his brother is the best politician in the country, and many citizens just might agree with him. 

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