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Daily Joke: A Sad Man Walks into a Bar

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jul 01, 2020
12:30 P.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a devastated man who walked into a bar because he couldn’t tell apart his two horses.


A depressed man found his way into a bar, and upon noticing his countenance, the bartender asked him what was wrong. With a sad look, the man replied, saying that he felt horrible for not being able to distinguish between his two horses.

A depressed man drinking at the bar. | Photo Pexels.


He couldn’t tell if he was giving them the right foods or sticking to the correct riding times. Feeling bad for him, the bartender advised him to shave the tail of one of the horses, maybe that way he could finally tell them apart. Excited by the solution, the man stops crying and leaves the bar.

Some months later, he returns to the bar again but this time he looks even worse. Concerned, the bartender asked him what had happened this time, and he answered:

“I shaved the tail of one of the horses, but it grew back, and I can’t tell them apart again!”

Two horses running around in the field. | Photo: Pixabay.


The bartender was already losing his patience, and in a bid to silence the wailing man advised him to shave the mane of one of the horses. The man believes it was a good idea and stops sobbing. He orders a few drinks and then leaves the bar to go try it out. 

A few months later, he returns to the bar again, and this time he looks despicable and helpless. Worse than he had ever looked before. 

A frustrated bartender serving at the bar. | Photo: Pexels.


Without waiting for the bartender to ask, he breaks down in tears and tells his problem and said, “I shaved the mane of one of the horses, and it just grew back!” That was when the bartender lost it and yelled at the crying man:

“For crying out loud, just measure the stupid horses. Perhaps one is slightly taller than the other one.”


The man felt bad and walked out of the bar, shocked at what the bartender had said, only for him to return the next day with a huge smile on his face.  He screamed, “it worked! It worked!” to the bartender before saying,

“I measured the horses, and the black one is two inches taller than the white one!”

How silly of him! Did you enjoy this joke?