July 06, 2020

Ex Phillies Pitcher Tyson Brummett Dead at 35 – inside His Tragic Death

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Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Tyson Brummett died at the age of 35 after a fatal plane crash on Friday morning.

According to reports by Utah County Sheriff, Tyson Brummett was among the four people who were killed in a plane crash on Friday morning in American Fork Canyon, near Box Elder Peak.

Late Tyson Brummett #78 of the Toronto Blue Jays at the spring training game against the Detroit Tigers on February 23, 2013 in Lakeland, Florida | Photo: Getty Images


The crash, which happened shortly at 8 am, was noticed by a man who was hiking with his two sons, and it was disclosed that all four passengers died on impact.

[Tyson Brummett] partnered with pilot Nick Henderson-Williams to work with a non-profit set up to cater to health workers with a lack of eye protection. 


Per USA Today, Brummett was with his friend Alex Ruegner and Alex's uncle and aunt, Douglas and Elaine Blackhurst when the tragic event happened.


The plane which took off from South Valley Regional Airport reportedly crashed in the Wasatch Mountains south of Salt Lake City at an elevation of 8,500 feet.


The official Twitter page of the Phillies shared the devastating news with a statement that read:

"The Phillies organization sends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of former pitcher Tyson Brummett, along with the three members of the Ruegner and Blackhurst family."


As noted by People Magazine, Tyson, who was the pilot of the plane, was 35 at the time of his demise. 

His colleague, Cody Decker, who played alongside him in college, described the deceased as "an incredible baseball player, an unbelievable teammate, and an even better person."


Also, Michelle Money, from "Bachelor in Paradise," explained that Tyson's demise saddened her because of her relationship with his widow. 


It will be recalled that Brummett was drafted for the Phillies in 2007 during the seventh round after an exemplary baseball record in college.

In his five years with the team, NBC Sports notes that Tyson appeared once in Game 162 and pitched a total of 110 ten innings.


After his time in the Phillies, Tyson was claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays and played in their minor league for a year. He also played for the Los Angeles Dodgers' Class AA club in 2014 before his eventual release in August of that year.


Away from the world of baseball, Tyson had a heart for helping people with eye problems. AOPA reports that the late pitcher partnered with pilot Nick Henderson-Williams to work with a non-profit set up to cater to health workers with a lack of eye protection. 

The duo volunteered to fly to deliver 270 pairs of ski or snowboard goggles donated to Santa Monical Municipal airport, California.

In an interview, he revealed that he chose to partner with the non-profit because of his sister, who is a nurse, lacked access to personal protective gear. Our hearts go out to Tyson's widow and his loved ones.