July 07, 2020

Meet NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace's Girlfriend Amanda Carter – Inside Her Life and Relationship

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NASCAR champion, Bubba Wallace, is an acclaimed race car driver who has a supportive partner, Amanda Carter, by his side. Here are some facts about the reliable Amanda Carter.

Everyone could use a support system from time to time, and NASCAR star Bubba Wallace can attest to this. Fans have witnessed how supportive Amanda Carter is as she takes out time to be the ideal cheerleader for her lover.

Bubba Wallace before qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway in February 2020. | Photo: Getty Images



On her Instagram page, Carter flaunts her boyfriend and his achievements to the delight of her followers. One of her heartwarming posts showed Bubba Wallace dressed in his racing gear while she stood beside him in awe. Amanda Carter's caption was a lengthy write up of her emotions,

"I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you for standing up for what is right… I'm so proud of you for using your platform…"

Carter's caption continued with her heartfelt address to Bubba Wallace, whom she praised for his works and encouraged him to never stop being himself. She ended her post with a couple of hashtags showing her solidarity with Bubba Wallace.




Amanda Carter is a North Carolina native who majored in Finance and Banking at Appalachian State University. Her LinkedIn profile shows that Carter is business savvy and currently works at the Bank of America as a Senior Financial Analyst.

Fans speculate that Wallace and Amanda Carter started dating in 2016. After taking a break from their relationship in 2018, the couple rekindled the flame of their love life.

The docuseries, "Behind The Wall: Bubba Wallace," based on his journey to stardom features snippets of Amanda Carter's life.



So far, Bubba Wallace, who is the first African-American star at the top of the game in American race driving, has been active with the BLM movement.


Wallace is no stranger to the issue of discrimination and has been using his platform to show support for BLM. A noose was found hanging in Bubba's stall, and this triggered his outcry.

One notable fact is that Amanda Carter stood by her partner in his activism. After Wallace recently raced with a BLM message on his race car, Carter took to her Instagram page where she celebrated him.

During an episode of Wallace's new docu-series, Carter was quite expressive while Bubba Wallace made it known that she wasn't always a big fan of car racing, but all that changed after they became an item.