'Too Hot to Handle' Season 1 Contestants' Lives after Finale — What They Are Doing Now

Kagweni Micheni
Jul 12, 2020
02:00 P.M.
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In the realm of reality T.V., a dating show putting together a group of attractive people in one house is not necessarily a new idea, but with "Too Hot to Handle," there was a little twist.


The Netflix series released this year saw ten single men and women compete to find love -- and $100,000, but there was one rule. Contestants were not allowed to engage in any sexual activity, which included kissing, sex, and masturbation. 

With an A.I. host called Lana, the series was a play on shows like "Love Island," bringing together people from America, Australia, and the U.K. and stranding them on a beachside resort for four weeks.


If anyone was caught breaking the rules, money was deducted from the prize, with some transgressions costing more than others. Now that the season is over, here is what the contestants are up to. 



Before appearing on the Netflix series, Chloe Veitch won a "Top Model U.K." beauty pageant in 2018. While introducing herself on the "Too Hot To Handle," she called herself "ditzy," but won over fans with her British humor.

While the show was aimed at building romantic relationships, Veitch made a friend in Nicole O'Brien, and the pair are still in touch. The reality star has seen a massive increase in Instagram followers and often shares photos of herself modelling outfits in collaboration with various brands. 

After the show, the model revealed that her view of relationships had changed, adding that her time on the show had been a "sexual rehabilitation." She said:


"I was a serial dater and would always have a few guys on the go. I was addicted to Tinder, swiping all day. It was a confidence boost for me. But I never chose the best guys. I've been hurt before and have an emotional barrier up."



The self-described "alpha male" worked as a senior recruitment consultant before getting cast on the show. During the series, he made sure people stuck by the rule, rarely being tempted by the other contestants himself. After the show, the professional Football player has been speaking out about the Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement. 

Recently, he got into an online argument with his co-star David Birtwistle, after accusing him of using the movement for personal gain. His co-star had shared a post, using a photo of Dyke to show his support for the "BLM" movement. However, he added that Birtwistle had not asked him if he could use him in the post, saying that Birtwistle had called Dyke "Petty" when he reached out. 


It was revealed that she had a secret son, Isaiah, after becoming a mother at 19.


While the handsome Londoner didn't leave the show with anyone special, he certainly made an impression on some of the contestants. Even though he mostly behaved, he still managed to break the rules when he was found sharing a kiss with Chloe Veitch. 


After the show, Birtwistle has mostly been isolating at home with his sister and her boyfriend but has shared that the show changed his outlook on romance.

He was also involved in on online argument with fellow "Too Hot To Handle" cast member Dyke, who accused him of taking advantage of the Black Lives Matter movement to further his career.

As for his relationship status, Birtwistle has hinted at a special someone. He added, however, that the relationship was not defined yet. 



Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were perhaps the golden couple of the reality show, and when they left the show together, fans had high hopes. After "Too Hot To Handle," Jowsey even proposed to Farago while they were both on a virtual reunion episode. 

However, things were doomed for the couple who announced their breakup, with Farago sharing a video and explaining that they were no longer together. In it, she revealed that Jowsey had broken up with her, adding that she had heard rumors that he had cheated on her. 


However, Jowsey responded, saying that he had broken up with the reality star because his mental health was not where it should be. On top of the breakup, Farago is facing more problems after being accused of copying Emily Ratajkowski's design for her swimwear line, "Farago the Label."



Before appearing on "Too Hot To Handle," the brunette beauty was an MMA ring girl, an actress, and a model. On the show, Clyma bonded with fellow brit David Birtwistle and the pair even left as a couple.

These days, Birtwistle and Clyma are no longer together, and it was revealed that she had a secret son, Isaiah, after becoming a mother at 19. A source revealed that she did not see any reason to speak about her son, saying,

"Lydia wanted to go on the show without having to think or worry about telling the other contestants that she's a mum. She had her son at a young age and being on the series gave her the chance to date again freely."




During the show, Nicole O'Brien found herself attracted to Bryce Hirschberg. While Hirschberg was initially drawn to her, during the course of the Netflix series, he found himself getting closer to Nicole. 

After the series, the couple continued to see each other. Although they have been separated during quarantine with Bryce halfway across the world in L.A., the pair are attempting to make things work. 



When Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend met on the show, fans fell in love with the attractive couple after they opened up to each other about their feelings.

During their time on "Too Hot To Handle," the pair formed a genuine connection and managed to follow the rules, shown by their wrist bands turning green. 

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last, with Paul revealing that it had been challenging to make things work without being able to see each other. However, she reassured fans that they were still the best of friends.