July 12, 2020

Watch Usher's Emotional Video for His New Song 'I Cry' Inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement

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The R&B singer was inspired by the protests striking the United States. He also said that he wanted to teach his children that it is also important for men to show their feelings. 

41-year-old R&B singer, Usher, has just released a self-directed video for his song called “I Cry”, which he released last month, and is inspired by the Black Lives Movement protests that are striking all over the United States.

Usher Raymond IV attends the "Burden" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening at The Plaza Theatre on March 02, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. I Image: Getty Images.



The video features Usher’s face in a close-up while he is staring straight at the camera. As he sings, his facial expressions show sadness, anger, frustration, and we can see how much he feels the lyrics he tunes up.

Besides showing his true emotions, the clip also includes iconic photographs from Gordon Parks, a photographer who became renowned for his work in documentary photojournalism from the 1940s to the 1970s, particularly on civil rights and African-Americans issues.



In an Instagram video, posted to announce the premiere of his performance of the song “I Cry”, Usher explained that while the pandemic was going on, followed by the death of George Floyd and the events that later spread, he started to feel depressed and with a sense of hopelessness.


He wrote: “This song was inspired by wanting to teach my sons that it is ok for a man to feel emotions deeply and to cry. Like many men, I was raised to believe that we have to be 'tough' and not show our vulnerability.”

According to the YouTube description of the video, it was made to honor “the courage and bravery of the activists and organizations who are demanding a change to broken systems rooted in hundreds of years of racism.”


The song, which was first performed at the "Global Goal: Unite for Our Future" concert on June 27, will have all its proceeds donated to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a nonprofit organization that helps underserved communities of color across the U.S.


Recent comments on social media were made by Canadian R&B singer, The Weeknd, on Usher’s “Climax,” a song released in 2012, as the lead single from his album from that same year, “Looking 4 Myself.”


The Weeknd said that after listening to it carefully, he realized that Usher’s song has been influenced by his mixtape “House of Balloons,” also from 2012. After that, DJ and one of the song’s producers, Diplo, posted a tweet admitting his contributions to “Climax.”

Though The Weeknd said the media has blown his comments out of proportion, he has publicly acknowledged his respect towards Usher’s music style and influence. So far, the R&B singer has not made any comments.