July 14, 2020

Why Kelly Osbourne Once Got into Trouble with Her Famous Dad Ozzy When She Was Younger

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Kelly Osbourne recently told her fans and followers about the one time she got into trouble with her father, Ozzy Osbourne via a funny post on her Instagram story.

Even though Kelly Osbourne and her famous father, Ozzy Osbourne, share a close bond, the pair have had a few run-ins in the past.

Kelly Osbourne at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood on September 12, 2019 in Universal City, California. | Photo: Getty Images


Closer Weekly reported that Kelly recently recounted one such time when she took to her Instagram Story to share a throwback image of her iconic father with some pans and pots behind his head.

The Osbourne family has become known for other things, one of which is their reality show which ran from 2002 - 2005. The show, “The Osbournes,” gave them the platform they needed for their careers.

A screenshot of Kelly Osbourne’s post on her Instagram story. | Photo: Instagram.com/kellyosbourne


The television personality confessed that the image brought back a lot of memories for her before recounting a particular story, writing: “When I was a kid, I put a can of soup in the microwave behind my dad’s head and it exploded. I got into so much trouble.”

Kelly has since outgrown playing such tricks on her father, and she has even become a mouthpiece for providing updates about his health battles.


It would be recalled that Ozzy has been at the receiving end of several health challenges that resulted in him canceling a tour and taking some time to recuperate. According to Closer Weekly, the latest health issue to trouble the legendary music star is a “mild form” of Parkinson’s Disease. 

His 71-year-old wife, Sharon Osbourne reportedly explained during an interview that although her husband’s ailment meant that specific nerves in his body weren’t working, it wasn’t a death sentence.


Ozzy previously suffered a fall that led to the displacement of some metal rods in his body — the rods were initially placed after a quad accident he had in December 2003.

Aside from Ozzy’s musical career and health troubles, the Osbourne family has become known for other things, one of which is their reality show which ran from 2002 - 2005.


The Things highlighted that the show, “The Osbournes,” gave them the platform they needed for their careers. The site also noted that while Sharon and Ozzy share three children — Jack, Kelly, and Aimee — one of them has chosen to remain behind-the-scenes and unknown.

That child is Aimee, who moved out of the family house when she was sixteen because she didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Unlike Aimee, Kelly welcomed fame and even allowed the public to know about her previous “unofficial” marriage and two failed engagements.


Her first engagement came in 2009 when Luke Worral proposed to the “Masked Singer” alum. The pair soon parted ways after Luke, a model, was caught cheating on her with another model, Elle Schneider.

Kelly’s next proposal came in 2013 when she agreed to be the wife of a chef named Matthew Mosshart. The couple, unfortunately, broke up in 2014, and both have since moved on with their lives.