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July 15, 2020

Anderson Cooper Gives Fans an Update on 10-Week-Old Son Wyatt with Adorable New Photos

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Anderson Cooper is counting his blessings this year, as he finally welcomed a child. Since his bundle of joy came into this world, the CNN news anchor has been more than happy to flaunt him. 

Earlier this week, Cooper got on social media once more to share pictures of his son, Wyatt. In an Instagram picture, the news anchor celebrated his son’s 10-week anniversary, giving fans a peek at the little boy. 

Anderson Cooper at the American Museum of Natural History on December 08, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


Cooper donned a blue shirt in the two pictures, with his signature glasses and gray hair. Finishing off his look with a black digital watch, the newsman smiled at the camera as he held the diaper-wearing Wyatt. 

Daddy and son smiled at the camera in the first picture, with Wyatt clenching his fists in excitement. The second snap, however, saw Cooper plant a loving smooch on his son’s cheek. 


In the caption, Cooper confirmed that he and his son had been celebrating a significant milestone. He joyously explained:

“Wyatt is 10 weeks old and doing great. He likes naps and milk, bath time and being read to. Thank you for all your lovely cards and messages!” 

Many fans and colleagues took to the comment section to gush over little Wyatt. Many commented on his adorable face; Katie Couric and Don Lemon also dropped sweet comments. 


Cooper is especially proud of his son, and he keeps sharing pictures of the little boy at almost every opportunity. For a man who interviews some of the world’s most influential people, he has a significant soft spot for his little one.

The newsman added that he was beyond happy over his son’s birth. 

Cooper first announced his son’s birth in April. At the time, he announced on his primetime CNN show, “Anderson Cooper 360,” that he had fathered the little boy via a surrogate. 


As he explained, Wyatt weighed a little over 7 lbs. at birth. The newsman added that he was beyond happy at the birth, as Wyatt was healthy. 

On the decision to name his son Wyatt, Cooper explained that the name was his father’s. He had given his son the same name as he hoped to be as good a father as his own was.

Wyatt’s middle name, Morgan, also had an ancestral link. As Cooper explained, the name was common on his mother’s side. 


Cooper added that he had found a list of names that his parents had made while trying to find the perfect one for him. Morgan was on the list as well, so he knew his parents would be okay with the name. 

Cooper has also been taking some parenting advice from Andy Cohen, one of his best friends. Cohen, who is also gay, welcomed his son — Benjamin Allen — last year. 

The friends formally introduced their sons on Fathers’ Day, during a special edition of Cohen’s show, “Watch What Happens Live.”