July 15, 2020

This Is the Nickname That Katy Perry Uses for Her Unborn Daughter with Orlando Bloom

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Sensational singer Katy Perry is heavily pregnant and excited about the birth of her daughter, whom she has given a sweet nickname.

Katy Perry is heavily pregnant and excited about the birth of her daughter with fiance Orlando Bloom such that she has given the unborn child a sweet nickname.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the LA premiere of Amazon's "Carnival Row" at TCL Chinese Theatre on August 21, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images


In a video chat with “Hits Radio Breakfast show” hosts, Fleur East, Greg, and James, Perry revealed that her nickname for her daughter was based on the way the unborn child behaved.

Host Fleur East mentioned that she knew babies often reacted to any music and asked Perry how “Baby Bloom” responded whenever she played her music. The singer replied, saying:

"Yeah! I mean, I call her Kicky Perry sometimes. I love a good pun. I am like really active right now."


Perry revealed that she is active, and her doctors had advised her to remain active as it was good for her and the baby. She also added that asides from working from home, she had been dancing and singing a lot, to stay active.

Perry further explained that although she was doing a lot, she was enjoying it, and watching time fly by made her excited for the new chapter of her life .


Although Perry admitted to feeling like a “waddling duck” with the pregnancy and the weird cravings have somewhat surprised her, she is grateful for her fiance, Orlando Bloom. The latter is helping her during the period.

She added that, although this is her first time being a mom, Bloom has had the experience of fatherhood (he has a nine-year-old son, Flynn, from his marriage to Miranda Kerr). His advice on certain things has proved useful, according to Perry.


Speaking on body changes, Perry revealed that her body had changed in specific ways, and her belly button was now more pronounced with her approaching the due date.

Aside from expecting a baby, Perry has also been working on a new album due next month, and while it has been hectic for her, she alluded that she is excited at how things are taking shape.


Perry admitted that she and Bloom have not picked a name yet but that they had some names in mind, and whenever their daughter arrived, they would know which name to give her as the baby was going to “tell” them. 

Interestingly, the hosts suggested “Fleur,” and Perry exclaimed that she liked the name and might actually consider it. 

Ultimately, while Perry is not sure about the names to give her daughter, she is excited at the journey and looks forward to motherhood.