July 17, 2020

Tristan Mack Wilds of '90210' Celebrates His 31st Birthday with an Adorable Baby Photo

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Tristan Mack Wilds of hit CW drama series "90210" just turned 31! The actor treated his fans with a cute photo of himself from when he was still a baby.

Tristan Mack Wilds is ringing in his 31st birthday in high spirits. The actor shared a throwback photo of himself from when he was a baby to commemorate his special day. 

"Baby boy’s made it back around the sun again," the actor captioned the sweet picture that featured a little Wilds drinking something out of his baby bottle.



The "90210" actor is a father himself now. Back in May, he welcomed his first child, a baby girl, with Christina Hammond. The proud parents shared the news on Instagram. 

Hammond, who is Wilds' longtime love, posed alongside him and their daughter Tristyn Naomi for "Essence" and opened up about how their lives changed after welcoming their baby. 


Wilds believes that raising a girl child is like raising the closest thing to God.

According to Wilds, becoming a father made him feel like he had to be a lot stronger than he is. However, he believes that there is a tenderness that comes naturally when you raise a girl. 


Wilds believes that raising a girl child is like raising the closest thing to God. He also appreciates Hammond for all that she is and says that she is his backbone. 


Hammond on the other hand was pretty excited for her baby girl. According to her, she feels blessed that her baby girl gets to have the experience of having a good father like Wilds. 


Wilds, who is also a singer who was nominated for a Grammy in 2014 for the best urban contemporary album, is best known for his role in the teen drama "90210."

He grew up watching Will Smith on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which is his favorite throwback show. In an interview with "The Undefeated," the actor confessed that Smith is his hero. 

Tristan Mack Wilds performs during "Under The Influence 2014" at the Molson Canadian Ampitheatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada crica 2014. | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mike Tyson is another person that he idolizes. " I just remember growing up enamored by this man," he said when asked which athlete he would like to go head to head with. 

Wilds describes himself as someone who loves to around people. He is also an avid lover of sports because of his competitive nature.