July 17, 2020

See Mary J Blige's Fresh New Look Featuring Blonde Pigtails and Massive Jewelry (Photo)

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Mary J. Blige showed off a youthful new look as she styled her blonde hair in pigtails and accessorized her outfit with chunky hip-hop inspired jewelry.

With a career spanning over several decades, Mary J Blige has managed to stay ahead of the trends with her signature blonde hair and love for hip-hop-inspired fashion.

The R&B legend has sported her blonde hair in various styles throughout her career. She has gone from a spiky bob, bangs, mohawk hairstyles to long tresses.


Recently, Mary went for a more youthful took when she hairstyled a long blonde wig in pigtails. She looked fresh-faced with natural-looking make-up that included brown eye shadow, thick lashes, and a glossy pink lip.

The Grammy award winner stuck to her signature gold hoop earrings. She paired them with a classic chunky hip-hop-inspired gold chain and medallion.


In Mary's caption, she expressed her love for her fans and shared a few positive words for the mid-week as she wished them a "happy Wednesday."

While highlighting current protests against racial injustice, she ended her message to her fans by showing her continued support for the "Black Lives Matter" movement with raised fist emojis.


Within 18 hours of posting her photo, Mary had already received over 200,000 likes on Instagram. One fan commented on her ageless beauty and gushed, "20 years of age, still black don't crack."

A fan responded to the positive message Mary shared in her caption and wrote, "Happy Wednesday, Beautiful!" A fan also expressed his adoration for the songstress.

A fan commented on a photo of Mary J. Blige style in pigtails and gold jewelry | Source: Instagram.com/therealmaryjblige


Despite the confidence she exudes today, Mary admitted that she dealt with a lot of insecurities when she was younger. During an interview with People, she reflected on the advice that she would give her younger self. Mary


"I would tell [Mary] don't be afraid of your imperfections, because one-day people are going to love you for them."

Mary has endured many of the obstacles in her life from overcoming her drug addiction, dealing with abuse and a divorce battle that went public.  

In an interview with The Guardian, Mary revealed that she also experienced a period when she almost gave up on music. However, after working on her album, "The Strength of a Woman," it reignited her love for her career.