July 23, 2020

Jason Aldean's Wife Brittany Shares Pic with Family Including Jason's Children from His Ex-wife Jessica

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Brittany Aldean, wife of country music superstar Jason Aldean, shared a heartwarming photo of her family over the weekend. Many fans were in awe of how lovely her family was.

She uploaded her photo on Instagram on July 20, showing off her growing family to her 1.6 million followers. The picture garnered more than 216,000 reactions.

One fan described the Aldeans as a “beautiful family.” Another pointed out the family members' glowing tanned-skin.

Country Music star Jason Aldean during a 2007 festival in California. | Photo: Getty Images


The photo Brittany posted shows her family hanging out in the comforts of their home in Tennessee. Jason is the only man in the adorable family picture.

Brittany and Jason carried each of their small children - 1-year-old Navy and 2-year-old Memphis. Their two beautiful teenage daughters, Keeley, 17, and Kendyl, 12, stood closely next to each other.  

Jason threw a surprise birthday party for his wife, where she gifted her with a Dolly and a Beyonce-themed drag show in their backyard.


The “Kinda Party” singer shares Keeley and Kendyl with his ex-wife, Jessica Ussery, as reported by Daily Mail. The latter is now married to Jake Marlin.

Aldean met Brittany, a former model, in 2012. They tied the knot three years later. Surrounded by four beautiful children, the couple appears to be living a content life in their dream house located in Tennessee. 

The couple carefully planned the house, which they called their “forever home.” They have been living there since 2019.


Their house stands on a lush property which features a bowling alley, a separate guest house, and a large swimming pool with a tiki bar on the side. Jason said the house is the result of their hard work. He said

“It was just kind of our forever home. It's where we want to be from now on and kind of raise our kids.”

The size of Jason’s house has been compared to a vacation resort. It is so big that the family has used their home as a place of entertainment, often hosting parties with friends, as reported by Taste of Country.


One of the notable events the family previously hosted was Brittany’s birthday party. Jason threw a surprise party for his wife, where she gifted her with a Dolly and a Beyonce-themed drag show in their backyard.

The mother of four also appeared to have developed home-making skills. She once shared about her organized walk-in closet as well as their “aesthetically pleasing" shelves. 

It’s not only family and friends who get to enjoy the family’s house. Their adorable dogs are also living the good life on their verdant property, as reported by Inquistr.

Brittany Aldean and husband Jason Aldean during a 2018 event in Nashville. | Photo: Getty Images

Brittany recently gave a new glimpse of their house with the help of her canine friends. They showcased their gorgeous and well-lighted living room.

The Instagram celebrity’s house looks clean from the wall up to its ceilings. One fan said their house “took their breath away.”