July 29, 2020

Three Funny Jokes about Heading to the Doctor's for an Annual Check-Up

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People are advised to go for a medical check-up from time to time. However, most people visit the doctor at times when they notice a slight change or encounter a problem. Here are three funny jokes about meeting with a doctor for a yearly check-up.

An apple a day they say keeps the doctor away. As humans, one must be conscious of what goes into the mouth in terms of food. The first joke centers on a man who did not pay attention to his diet and found it difficult to fit in his suit, which he thought was shrunk.

Portrait of a shocked male doctor. | Source: Freepik


At the hospital, the visitor named Pete explained to his doctor that his suit did not fit like it used to. According to Pete, this was the same suit he wore a few months ago, and he found it hard to understand why his clothes seem smaller.

The doctor calmly examined his patient and established that he had gained some weight. This did not sit well with his patient. The man contested the result and told the doctor that was not the case. 

Male GP sits with his male patient. | Photo: Getty Images


The medical examiner then told his client that he suffered from Furniture Disease. Still, it did not offer enough explanation to Pete, who asked the meaning of his doctor's diagnosis. Without hesitation, the doctor replied,

"That's when your chest starts sliding down into your drawers."


Here is another hilarious one about a doctor and a female patient who was not buying her doctor's diagnosis. The woman complained about a persistent sharp pain in her side, and after a few examinations, the doctor concluded that her case was "acute appendicitis."

A mature male doctor talking to a lady in the hospital corridor | Photo: Getty Images


When he mentioned this to the woman who was not grounded in medical terms, she said: "That's sweet doctor, but I came here to get medical help."

In for more check-up jokes? Undoubtedly, this last one will cause a laughing-crying experience!


An elderly man walked into a doctor's office to complain about his body pains. He listed different strains like back, ear, and headaches, then mentioned eye burns, stomach cramps, constipation, nausea, and congested lungs. 

After two minutes of his rants, the doctor swiftly interrupted and asked, "What don't you have?" The man paused, looked at the doctor, and said, "Teeth."

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Source: Startsat60