June 21, 2020

Three Funny Jokes about Grandkids

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Grandkids are every bit hilarious when it comes to relating with their grandparents. Here are three jokes that wouldn't prove otherwise.

Grandchildren are extra special; they ask incredibly witty questions that are mostly funny and nearly challenging to answer.

They also coin thoughts that sometimes need a skillful adult with a dedication to calmness, to process when it's blurted. These experienced adults are none other than grandparents who are usually excited about their company.

Portrait of grandfather giving his grandson a piggyback ride in the living room | Photo: Getty Images


The first joke is about two camping buddies; a grandpa named John, and his grandson called Billy. Grandpa, who enjoyed little Billy's company so much, decided to have him for the weekend.

He planned an adventurous fun time for both of them. Billy's granddad opted for a camping experience. After spending much time in the forest, they headed to their cabin in the woods to hit the sack.

Little boy with a serious look on his face | Photo: Getty Images


On their way there, many buzzing insects were flying around, and grandpa didn't want them to enter the cabin, so he turned off his torch.

However, that wasn't enough to keep the flying insects away, as some fireflies had made it into the cabin with them. Little Billy gently whispered to Grandpa John, "It's no use grandad, now the mosquitoes are coming after us with torches."

A man accepting coffee from a young boy | Photo: Getty Images


The second joke is about a young, witty miss Lilly and her grandma. After school, Lilly boasted about having a wonderful time at school. She shared everything she learned with Grandma.

Then suddenly, she told grandma that her teacher taught her how to make babies. This came as a shock to grandma, who maintained her cool and asked her grandchild how babies are made. Lilly excitedly said, "It's simple! You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es'."

A grandmother with her granddaughter in the park. | Photo: Shutterstock


Here's a wrap-up joke on kid's giving hilarious replies. A Grandma was using the bathroom mirror to apply her make-up. As she stood in front of it, her young granddaughter followed her every move with her eyes.

First, grandma applied some foundation, then some blush to the cheeks. She later used mascara for her eyelashes and, lastly, grabbed the lipstick, which she applied on her face.

Photo of a little girl smiling. | Source: Unsplash

As grandma made her way out, the young lad quipped, "But grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper goodbye!

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