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Daily Joke: A Vegetarian Decided to Try Some Pork

Aug 03, 2020
11:30 P.M.
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Have you ever you found yourself in an embarrassing situation? As some people might want to say, you're caught with your pants down. At that moment, you're confused and unsure of what to do.


If the situation eventually makes you crack your ribs in laughter, better for you. You would have been a survivor. Now, here's an experience that left someone in an odd but amusing position. 



 of a vegetarian society developed a strange feeling; he wanted to try pork to find out how it tasted. Really? That’s right.


The man began salivating and imagining himself sinking his teeth into the delicacy. He just couldn't wait to taste it for the first time, never mind that he was known as a vegetarian.

Though a vegetarian, he couldn’t resist his uncontrollable appetite for pork. He asked himself:

"What must I do to lay my hands on it without others knowing?"


The man tossed several ideas around and finally, he made up his mind. So, he told his members that he was going on holiday and drove out of town.

After arriving at his destination, he went to a restaurant nearby and flipped through the menu. At last, he self-consciously ordered the pork.


While his specialty was being prepared, he waited impatiently. Out of the blue, a familiar voice called his name. Amazed, he saw one of his members walking up to him. Unbelievable!

At the same time, the waiter walked over to him, carrying a big platter holding a full roasted pig. The pig had an apple in its mouth. The waiter stood at the table ready to deliver the order.

But for a moment, there was a deafening silence. But he gathered his wits and said:

“I ordered an apple. And, look at what it has come with.” 

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