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Daily Joke: A Grocer Hung a Curious Sign outside His Store

Odette Odendaal
Aug 03, 2020
06:20 P.M.
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Perception can be a wonderful and confusing thing, and it made a clever grocer some extra money in a very unexpected way. Enjoy today's funny!


Most of the day, Greta spent being entertained by the consequences of a sign put up by a grocer, who has a stall opposite hers. At first, it perplexed Greta when she read the peculiar sign, "Eggplant: 25c each or 3 for 1$."

Customers walking by would all do one of two things - shake their heads and keep on walking, but most stopped and complained to the grocer.

Eggplant for sale at a grocer. | Source: Pixabay.


Some people accused him of poor math skills while purchasing eggplant, while others thought he tried to trick them into making an extra 25c. It sure wasn't the quality of the product, as the grocer was well-known for selling the best vegetables in town.

"This is ridiculous! I should be able to get 4 eggplant for a dollar, not 3!" Greta could hear some of the people complain loudly. Then, the grocer would become agreeable, and give them the fourth eggplant for a total of $1.

The interior of a grocer. | Source: Pixabay.


Finally, Greta could take it no more, and she went over to the grocer. "Why haven't you fixed the mistake on your sign? The people are awfully rude to you!"

The grocer just shook his head and cracked a little smile and said, "What mistake? I've never sold as many eggplant as I have today."

A woman shopping around a fruit and vegetable stall. | Source: Pixabay.


The creativity of some people can be boundless, and in this case, it gave the grocer an opportunity to make extra cash. But on the consumer's end, things can become equally entertaining.

When a man went to a local cafe and bakery to buy some of their famous pie, the situation quickly took an unexpected turn when a familiar question got a not-so-familiar and hilarious response.