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August 13, 2020

'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Star Morgan Stewart Pregnant with Her First Child

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"Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" star Morgan Stewart took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy and reveal the gender of her baby on the way.

Together with the would-be father, reality star Jordan McGraw, Morgan Stewart is seen in a video popping a huge balloon to reveal pink confetti, signifying a daughter. Stewart captioned the post on her Instagram:

"She may not be great at math but at least we know she’ll be well dressed."

The 'Daily Pop" host Morgan Stewart is expecting a baby girl with fiance, Jordan McGraw. | Photo: Getty Images


Morgan and Jordan earlier shared about the personality traits they believe their first child will have. Stewart said that their daughter might get "a little bit of drama from mom."

The musician also thinks that their daughter will also be more of a quiet type. The couple agreed that their daughter will also be "absolutely hilarious."

Despite being born into a rich family, Morgan is admired for working hard as an independent woman. 


Earlier in March,  Morgan predicted that her child will likely be a redhead and will have allergies. She also said that her child will be "so smart."

She added that her daughter might be more of a nerd, noting that her husband has a high IQ. The reality star admitted that she herself had difficulties in school.

As for Jordan, who proposed to Morgan last month, he said he hopes that their child will not easily sunburn, like him. 


Jordan’s proposal started with him picking a fake fight with her by calling her his "long-term girlfriend,'" Morgan revealed on her show, "Daily Pop."

After seeing Morgan not responding well to how he referred to her, Jordan came back, got down on one knee, and said, "Let’s change that. Will you stop being my girlfriend?"

He showed her the ring and Morgan, of course, said yes. Before rekindling their relationship early this year, the couple also dated for a year 10 years ago before splitting up.

The "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" star Morgan Stewart dressed in black while walking in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images


Morgan announced their engagement on the Fourth of July, taking to social media to share a photo of the shiny ring.

Jordan, who is a son of the famous Dr. Phil McGraw, sweetly said that he had been waiting for 10 years to propose to Morgan. He proposed seven months after they reunited. 

He revealed that the proposal happened while they were in a hotel and that Morgan cried at that moment.

Despite being born into a rich family, Morgan is admired for working hard as an independent woman. She is a TV host and a businesswoman.

The daughter of wealthy architect Herb Stewart owns her own fashion line of activewear, Morgan Stewart Sport, which she launched after leaving "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills."