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August 13, 2020

See What Tyler Cameron Says Was the Most Terrifying Thing He Did on the 'Bachelorette'

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Former "The Bachelorette" contestant Tyler Cameron has taken to his recently-launched Youtube channel to show his fans an unfiltered and authentic version of himself in an interesting Q&A video. 

In his first official video, "Ten Minutes with Tyler Cameron," on his recently launched Youtube channel, Tyler Cameron dived into a question and answer session, answering questions read by his friend and videographer, Jacob Laham. 

Laham fired off straight away with a series of questions, eventually asking Cameron to reveal the most terrifying thing that he had ever done. Cameron responded: "Picked out an engagement ring."


Photo of Tyler Cameron in a trailer for his Youtube channel | Photo: Youtube / Tyler Cameron

His answer referred to his time of the fifteenth season of "The Bachelorette" when he competed for Hannah Brown's heart in 2019.


Laham's other questions included the craziest moment on the show, to which he replied with a reference of the final four rose ceremony when Brown moved the roses in front of Luke, and his celebrity crush whom he revealed was actress Margot Robbie.


Cameron also got to share his go-to karaoke song, "Same Girl" by Usher, television shows that made him cry, "This Is Us," "Marley and Me," "About Time," and "The Judge."

He also shared some characteristics he was hoping to find in a significant other — a person that loved and respected other people and was ready to get on an adventure with him at any tie.


His mother, Andrea, who passed away in February, was the one person dead or alive he would love to have dinner with, and his greatest insecurity was his nose.

The handsome model also recently gave some advice to his friend and business partner, Matt James, who was preparing to become the next male lead in the upcoming 25th season of "The Bachelor."


He advised James to "just be himself" because everyone ended up liking his personality. Cameron knew his friend would do just fine if he was as original as he could be.

At the end of his time on "The Bachelorette," Cameron sadly did not win the final race for Brown's heart, and she ended up picking his co-contestant, Jed Wyatt.

However, her relationship with Wyatt did not last, and many Brown and Cameron "shippers" were hoping that they would get together.

Although they spent a large chunk of quarantine together with their friends, both expressly stated that the Cameron and Brown ship was not sailing.

Whether or not he found love with Brown, none of that seems to matter as the hunky 27-year-old seems to be up, active, motivated, and living his best life.