Daily Joke: An Older Lady and an Old Man Peering in the Shop Window

Joe Akins
Aug 14, 2020
03:00 P.M.
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Check out this ludicrous joke about an older lady and an old man who peered in a shop through the window for a considerable amount of time.

Two individuals, a man and a woman stayed outside the building of a travel agent. They decided to feed their eyes by peeping through the window, where they had the opportunity of seeing the world map, and pictures of different travel destinations.

A travel agent was busy sorting some files on his desk, when he saw them, and invited them into his office. After meeting them, the agent mentioned that he understands that with their age, they are on pensions and may never be able to enjoy any exotic trips. So he offered to help them with a trip, all expenses paid by him.

Elderly couple taking a walk | Photo: Pixabay


In no time, the agent gave them two flight tickets and booked a five-star hotel. They excitedly left the office after offering their gratitude.

A few weeks later, the older woman walked into the office. The good samaritan asked if she had a swell time on the trip. She said:

"The flight was exciting... I've come to thank you, but one thing puzzled me. Who was that old guy I had to share the room with?"

An old couple sitting by the sea. | Source: Unsplash


Not quite done yet! Here's a backup joke that renders another thrilling read. 

A young woman who donned a tight leather skirt was in a crowded city waiting for a bus. After half an hour at the bus stop, a bus finally pulled up.

She tried to get on the bus, but her tight skirt restricted her from climbing. Feeling somewhat embarrassed, the young lady opted to unzip her skirt a little. She tried again and was unsuccessful.

A woman looking down | Photo: Pixabay


After several attempts at unzipping and climbing, a man who was behind lifted her into the bus. The young lady then looked at the stranger and blurted:

"How dare you touch my body? I don't even know who you are!"

Photo of young man working | Photo: Getty Images

The man replied: "After you unzipped my fly three times, I figured we were friends."

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