August 18, 2020

See How Hoda Kotb Celebrated Kathie Lee Gifford's Birthday on Social Media

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Hoda Kotb had nothing but sweet declarations to share as she celebrated fellow TV host, Kathie Lee Gifford, who recently rang in a new age.

Kathie Lee Gifford is a year older, and fellow star Hoda Kotb had the most pleasing words to share alongside a series of photos on Instagram.

Kotb did not hold back as she wrote about how much she missed her former co-host while giving fans peeks of their sweet moments together.

Hoda Kotb visits Build to discuss her new book "You Are My Happy" at Build Studio on March 12, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images.



Hoda Kotb's post included six pictures, and they all displayed happy moments filled with laughter. The first snapshot showed Kotb and Gifford sharing a hearty laugh. The following slides were pretty much similar while Kotb captioned:

"@kathielgifford it's your bday… and I know you are laughing (in fact I am sure cuz I just hung up with you...."

Kotb continued as she let Gifford know she was missed. She also mentioned the TV host's late spouse, Frank Gifford, while assuring the birthday girl that he's wishing her well from heaven. Kotb sealed her post with two heart emojis.




Many followers joined Kotb in celebrating her former TV partner while they reflected on the duo's time on TV. One fan chimed: "I miss the two of you together on [the] 3rd hour." Another mentioned: "You two have that special kind of magic that only a few friends ever have.."

After celebrating her 10th anniversary on the show, Gifford announced her exit.

Someone reminisced: "I absolutely adore your friendship and miss watching you two every morning..." more followers shared well wishes for Gifford but made sure to mention how much they missed watching her and Kotb show their expertise together. 




Kotb, 56, and Gifford, 67, co-hosted the Today third-hour show for eleven years. In all those years, the duo built an admirable relationship that even TV fans could attest to and admire. When Gifford took a bow from the show in 2019, she poured out her heart about Kotb.

The 67-year-old gushed about how they learned from each other and became blessings in each other's lives. Kotb returned the favor on-air as she talked about their TV friendship that extended to their personal lives. She stated that she had not felt such a connection with anyone else. 



Born Kathie Lee Epstein to naval officers, Aaron and Joan Epstein, Gifford started her career as a gospel artist. She would often appear on "The 700 Club" club with her then-husband, Paul Johnson.

She later went secular as she joined late star Regis Philbin on "Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee." Gifford also appeared in TV shows like "Days of Our Lives," as well as commercials.

Gifford met late NFL broadcaster, Frank Gifford, on GMA. The pair walked down the aisle in 1986. They had two children together.

The seasoned TV host joined NBC as the co-anchor of the "Today" show alongside Hoda Kotb. After celebrating her 10th anniversary on the show, Gifford announced her exit.