Daily Joke: An Old Man Went into the City for Lunch

Joe Akins
Aug 18, 2020
03:40 A.M.
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Having a normal day? Well here is a joke about a well-mannered elderly man who went into the city for lunch.


An old man had some business in the city. When it was mid-day, he decided to head to one of the best spots in town for his lunch.

After entering the restaurant, he found a seat near a group of young men. The old man proceeded to order his meal, and when it arrived, he bowed his head to the waiter to show his appreciation.

Waitress taking the order l Photo: Pixabay


One of the young men observed the gesture and wanted to make fun of the man. So he asked  him if everyone does that where he lives. The elderly man smiled, and calmly replied:

"No son, the pigs don't!"


Not had enough laughs? Read on, to enjoy more funny stories! A mother got her two-year-old daughter a nice set of tea cups. She noticed that the toddler loved to play and act with her dolls. 

The gift was treasured by the daughter who often sat with her other toys for "tea time." A few weeks later, her mother left for the girl's aunty's home. 


The woman had heard that her older sister was sick, so she needed to stay with the invalid for a while, leaving the young girl alone with her father.

Whenever the girl was tired of playing with her dolls, she would approach her dad with her "cup of tea," which was literally water. The father would often praise his daughter after thanking her for the kind gesture.


When his wife returned, the man talked about his daughter's actions, and soon afterwards, the girl came with her regular "cup of tea." The woman watched her husband gulp down the water, and finally said:

"Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?"

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Source: Startsat60